Awareness Games for Kids

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Send your child on an adventure into the world of the senses, expand their imagination as they go on a journey, teach them to relax their bodies, calm their minds and breathe deeply. This series of guided journeys for kids is easy to follow and has a wonderful way of encouraging kids to explore their bodies and their world. If your child loved these, then they are sure to love Alyssa Jean's Guided Meditation for Kids album.

January 8, 2017

Which of the meditations would you recommend for 11/12 year olds?

Nikki B
July 4, 2016

After discovering your website I play the journey meditation while my six year old and her best friend floated in our pool. They loved it and it changed our play date. So wonderfully relaxing and positive. Going to return back through the little red door...thank you!! The only advice it more wait time between prompts for younger children, it can take a bit of practice to begin to be able to visualize.