Alternate Nostril Breath (Nadi Shodhana)

The 4 audio recordings in this album progress through Alternate Nostril Breath exercises from easier to more challenging. Once you can comfortably do one breathing exercise, move on to the next one. The Nadi Shodhana breathing technique is designed to calm the nervous system and balance the nadhis. As you breath, relax the body and focus on what you're feeling inside. Alternate Nostril Breathing helps to infuse your body with oxygen, reduces anxiety and stress, calms your nerves and releases toxins. With practice you will see an improved level of focus in your mind and body. Pranayama is the foundation of any serious yogi's practice.


Existing Comments

February 19, 2020

Thanks David! I do this breathing technique every morning and it really helps me with my anxiety. Just one question, I noticed that in the last track (8-16) you switch up the pattern of left in - right out - right in - left out and I was wondering if that has a reason?

October 19, 2021

I just tried the first one and do not understand the different lenghts of breath and you do not explain anything. It says 4-8 but I cannot make sense of the rythm here. I would have expected a counting here. Also I would like you to be silent after a couple of minutes so we can experience the meditation for ourselves. I guess I have to turn the video off and do it by myself. But I still do not understand what 4-8 means here. Can you please explain