A Guide to Yoga for Absolute Beginners

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In this three minute video, Rachel demystifies yoga and shares what absolute beginners need to know to comfortably start a practice.

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July 13, 2020

Hi Everyone, I have always been unsupple. I'm 76 have played most sports, have 4 vertebrae naturally welded together, had both hips and knees replaced within the last five years.
I look on anyone who practises Yoga with awe, admiration and envy and would dearly like to begin somewhere. Rachael's intro video has given me more encouragement.
Given the above info on me is there anything I should be aware of/not do/do particularly?
I would love to get started
Thanks and best wishes

Nick Galicz
July 13, 2020

Nice, simple and inviting. I had to create a new acct cause it's been years since I logged in but for the record I have told 100s of people about your site for years. I teach or rather guide Yoga with a 500 hr and have always respected what you do. Thank you for passing on what Yoga is all about to the masses. Peace / Nick