Supta Padangusthasana - Reclining Hand to Toe Sequence

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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In Sanskrit supra means lying down and padangustha is big toe. This is a series of poses that stretch the legs at different angles and include the hamstrings, piriformis, calves and groin muscles. Do your best to keep your pelvis stable (keep it from tilting while you move from one pose to the other).

Pose Position: Lying
Body Position: Forward Bends
Body Part: Legs

Muscle Groups

Lower Body: Piriformis, Groin, Hamstrings, Calves


chandice 11 months ago

How may I purchase this video for download to mt phone?

Kelly Bouchard 11 months ago


Kelly from DoYogaWithMe here. Unfortunately, our mini-classes on specific yoga poses and stretches are not available for download. Terribly sorry about that! We do have some longer sequences that incorporate a similar stretch, however, and they are available for download. This is one example: . Maybe give it a look. If you did want to buy it, you would just click the button beneath the player that says "standard definition download."

Sorry again!


laurenbrum 4 years ago

This sequence completely relieved my husband's painful 2sciatica He tried a year of chiropractic therapy before we found this video. His next step was medication or cortisone shots. Thank you so much for a sequence that he could do lying on the bed as he couldn't get down on the floor to use a mat! If the sciatic pain ever returns he simply does these stretches and feels perfectly normal again. We have shared this video with numerous other suffering from sciatica.