Sirsasana - Headstand Pose Against the Wall

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This video shows how to do Sirsasana with the help of a wall. It's a great way for those who are new to headstand pose to feel safe raising their legs above their head and to test whether they have the strength and flexibility to support a large part of the weight with their arms.

Body Position: Inversions
Body Part: Core, Shoulders


Shift the hips back?
Yoga Dude 6 years ago

Thanks. I'm going to try this. One say shift the hips back before raising you're feet of the floor but I don't see any movement in the video.

Shift the Hips Back
David Procyshyn 6 years ago

You're right, you may not see the hips shifting very much in the video, but it's more about the intention of getting your hips as close to the wall as possible before you take your feet off the floor.

You want your energy directed in that way to ensure that your elbows are active and pushing into the floor to support your head and neck, and also to ensure that your weight is distributed such that you will not need to lower your feet.

David Founder

Ok thanks. I tried this a
Yoga Dude 6 years ago

Ok thanks. I tried this a couple times but my elbows and forearms want to come off the floor.

I've got no problem doing a headstand with palms on the floor with hands and head in a triangle but this one seems much more difficult. I'll keep working at it.

Triceps and Lats
David Procyshyn 6 years ago

Yes, that's not uncommon.

Most likely your upper arms are lifting either because your triceps and/or lats are too tight, or your core isn't controlling (slowing down) the movement of your hips and legs enough.


David Founder