Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Ardha means half; Chandra is the moon. The HalfMoon pose is challenging due to its demand on the strength and flexibility of the legs, as well as on you ability to balance and stay focused. It is a Standing Pose that targets the legs, buttocks, and hips, and improves balance and strength.

Pose Position: Standing
Body Position: Foot Balances
Body Part: Core, Shoulders, Back, Legs

Muscle Groups

Upper Body: Pectoralis, Abdominals
Lower Body: Gluteus Maximus, Groin, Hamstrings


Becky in TX 5 years ago

I love the stretch in Half Moon but have difficulty with balance. This instruction really gives emphasis to the right things at the right times making it more focused and less floundering. Speaking of focus, way to maintain when the peacock got into the game! I totally would have busted out laughing.

soniaeven 6 years ago

I've been calling myself a "beginning intermediate" yogi for a long time now, and I'm trying to progress into poses that are more challenging for me so I can get past this plateau. Half-moon is the pose I dread most. Getting into the position that she takes at 1:09, opening the hips while one foot is elevated, is what I find impossible. The hip of my standing leg always starts to hurt and I can't maintain the position. I wonder what I'm doing wrong, or if I need to do more work to increase flexibility in my hips.

In any case, I love Fiji's teaching style. I'm confident I'll be able to do this pose someday!

Jan Workington 10 years ago

I don't know how you kept talking so calmly throughout. I was certainly breathing hard, especially when I tried taking my lower hand from the ground!
Great work, Fiji! You are a gifted yoga teacher.