Guided Meditations for Better Sleep

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Guided Visualizations
David Procyshyn

David takes five different approaches to inducing a deep sleep, each one building on the others to help you more easily attain the state of mind that is needed for falling asleep, staying asleep and resting deeply.

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Wonderful except for 4 words
hartsough 6 months ago

#3 is so close to perfect for me! Calm your nervous system, let go... these parts help so much. Most times I don’t get to near the end for “sleep like a baby” This is a huge trigger for me, and I’d imagine for most new parents. Babies don’t sleep for very long, the sleep deprivation was a big part of my post partum anxiety. Any way you could take those 4 words out?

Calming Visualisation for Sleep
lizjoh9 1 year ago

I found this visualisation very powerful and affected me on a deeper level. Thanks David for another great addition!