Dhanurasana - Bow Pose

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Dhanu means a bow. Bow pose is a fantastic stretch for the spine, abdominals, hip flexors, biceps and pecs. It is an all-around, great total body-opening backbend. Be sure to engage your core muscles, encouraging the spine to bend evenly, rather than pivoting in the lower back. Regular practice will relieve lower back pain and release tension.

Pose Position: Lying
Body Position: Backbends
Body Part: Core, Back

Muscle Groups

Upper Body: Biceps, Erector Spinae, Abdominals
Lower Body: Psoas, Quadriceps


Nyamyj 3 years ago

Very nice instructions. Did this in class yesterday for the first time and wondering if his is the cause of a sore lower back today. After rest, I look forward to this next time knowing how to get in and out with these more specific cues. Thank you.

tlopez 6 years ago

She does an excellent job on the Instructions, showing us beginners the "how to" on poses! Simple and clear verbal instructions. All the instructors do a great job! Just like her style of teaching.