Monthly Update - April 2019

DYWM April 2019 update


We've got a couple of new faces around DYWM! Check out the first of many classes from Nyk Danu and Guy Friswell, as well as a bevy of beginner oriented offerings from Helen Camisa. Also, we have a very special program to help the body and mind recover from the effects of eating disorders.


Quick and Juicy Shoulder and Hip Opening
Hatha Yoga | 32 min | Beginner
Instructor: Rachel Scott
This class is the pefect revitalizer! This class progresses through all sorts of shoulder and hip-openers, combating the accumulated tension that comes from driving and sitting at desks. It's perfect as a midday refresher or as a rejevenator after work.

Gentle Yoga | 14 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
This class gets you comfortable on your feet and feeling grounded in Tadasana, or mountain pose. Once the foundation is set, Helen leads you on an exploration of balance.

Gentle Yoga | 10 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
This class covers the fundamentals of the half and the full Sun Salutation sequences, utilizing props for support and accessibility when necessary.

Gentle Yoga | 13 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
Warrior I pose is a posture that stretches and strengthens the posterior chain, specifically the legs and back line of your body.
Yin Yoga for Cyclists II
Yin Yoga | 26 min | Beginner
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Stretch out your spine, your hips and hamstrings in this beginner friendly, yin yoga practice. This class is perfect for cyclists, athletes, or desk workers  with tension or discomfort in their low back, hips and/or legs.
Yin Yoga | 61 min | Beginner
Instructor: Nyk Danu
Explore the guiding principles and poses essential to the practice of yin yoga in this introductory class. 
Sun Salutation B: Tutorial
Vinyasa Yoga | 7 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Rachel Scott
 Progressing on from surya namaskar A, this practice establishes the pacing and essentials of asana for the practice of surya namaskar B.

Gentle Yoga | 16 min | Beginner
Guy Friswell
This quick class is perfect for when you don't have the space to move to the floor. It incorporates the upper and lower body all while remaiing on your feet
Crista shillingtonGentle Floor Sequence
Power Yoga | 7 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Crista Shillington
In this speedy, invigorating floor sequence, Crista will relax and release your spine, legs, hips and shoulders. 

Gentle Yoga | 36 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
In this beginner hatha yoga flow Helen teaches you how to transition from seated to standing and start your morning off with sun salutations.

Gentle Yoga | 51 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
Helen gets your blood flowing in this class with sun salutations and both warrior I and warrior II. She finishes the flow off with a long and relaxing reclined pose. 


Prepare for Arm Balances
Vinyasa Yoga | 51 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Rachel Scott
This class is a challenging beginner/gentle interrmediate preparatory sequence leading to arm balances. Rachel's clear instruction, alignment cues and enthusiasm will motivate you to attempt arm balances that you may have avoided before. 
Crista shillingtonCrazy Eights
Vinyasa Yoga | 76 min | Advanced
Instructor: Crista Shillington
This is a vigorous vinyasa  class! Crista guides you to move from Eight-Angled Pose into Sage Koundinya's Pose and back. These arm balances are a challenge, but Crista warms you up with first with twistship-openers, and back bends before leading you into the peak pose.
Yin Yoga for Cyclists I
Yin Yoga | 25 min | Beginner
Instructor: Rachel Scott
Stretch out those tired legs and release your hips in this yin class intentionally sequenced for cyclists.
15 Minute Pick-Me-Up
HathaYoga | 18 min | Beginner
Instructor: Rachel Scott
How about a quick pick-me-up? This juicy, speedy flow covers it all in just 15! - Get ready for backbends, twists, side bends and forward folds as well as stretches for the hips, shoulders and hip flexors.


Helen Camisa An Absolute Beginner Yoga Program








This program is a fantastic launch point for those just discovering (or re-discovering!) yoga. It will explore your connection to your body through movement, meditation and relaxation. Taught by the fabulous Helen Camisa, this program is ideal for anyone who has avoided yoga due to misconceptions about what a "yoga body" really is!


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Yoga for Eating Disorders Fiji McAlpine








This program was created to help you recover from and manage eating disorders. While creating the program, Fiji drew from her experience with eating disorders, and has put together a prowerful toolset to bring both body and mind into alignment. 


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30 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge









This challenge is taught by DoYogaWithMe’s founder, David Procyshyn to help you establish a regular mindfulness practice. David’s clear and simple cues make these mindfulness techniques accessible to  all ages and experience levels. Repetition of key concepts will help ground the principles in your practice. 

This meditation challenge is accessible to all, no subscription is required. With a little time and commitment, you too can learn the fundamentals of mindfulness! So take a deep breath and let’s get mindful!

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Sangha Session DoYogaWithMe




There's no doubt that yoga is an amazing practice, but we know that it is just one tool in the toolbox when living life as the highest version of yourself. What other habits or routines to you adhere to to stay balanced and healthy? Join the conversation in our forum.

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