A Beginner Strength-Building Practice

Helen Camisa
Instructor Helen Camisa
Average: 4.3 (15 votes)
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In this class, Helen helps get your blood flowing with some sun salutations, warrior I, and warrior II. She closes with a nice long reclined pose. You will see that this class is the combination of a few of Helen's shorter classes from her Absolute Beginner Series including: Salute the Sun, Warrior II, Warrior I and Finding Your Savasana.

Equipment: Block, Bolster, Blankets
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Plus Size Yoga


Cfblossom 3 months ago

I did this class last night and posted a glowing review! Don't understand where it went, certainly not worth cencuring. Perhaps I posted it in the wrong place.

David Procyshyn 3 months ago

Sometimes it takes us a day or so to approve all of the comments, especially this time of year. You can see your original comment below now.

Cfblossom 3 months ago

I absolutely loved Helen's sense of humor and the way she made everything so approachable. The way props that were used and the options given were so gently suggested and helpful! I've been accessing DYWM for many years now and love the teachers, but Helen's lightheartedness and sweet chuckle are contagious!