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Saved For Later

Saved For Later

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  • Of course this is a GREAT beginner strengthening yoga course.I was actually scared when I began yoga again for the 4th time!

  • A great beginner class. Again, I stopped yoga for about 8 months. Now , Iamcoming back and this was a great way to get started!

  • This is one of the best beginner stretching classes I have ever taken. Do this Kaigh even after you are getting more advanced.

  • Fiji is one of my favorite instructors. Although this is a short practice, as a beginner (again), this class was very useful and informative. I will be back, Fiji!

  • I like to do this as a wake up session. I find I start my day completely relaxed and totally ready, stress-free!

  • This is a must do at least every other week!

  • This one is a soft favorite! Do this one weekly.

  • Guy Friswell gave me a good morning stretch and I am ready for my walk!