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How to Keep Your Yoga Practice Going: Five Tips

Sometimes having to decide what to practice in the moment can feel a little overwhelming. If you plan ahead, it will be easier to start the class before your mind starts coming up with ways to wiggle out of it!
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Common Yoga Questions Answered

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering what exactly it is, and if it’ll work for you. You may have heard about the benefits of practising yoga, but don’t know where to start.
The Magic Within The 14-Day Challenge Blog Banner

The Magic Within The 14-Day Challenge

We all know that when we practice regularly, the benefits of the practice show up on and off our mat in a big way. My favorite challenges by far are the 14-day challenges as it can help cultivate commitment.
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Advanced Means Adaptable

I am often taken aback when people label me as an advanced yogi, as I don’t think I would ever describe myself that way. What I would say instead, is that I am an experienced yogi who is actively evolving and expanding my practice. 
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How to Fit Yoga into a Busy Day

So many of us feel that there is just not enough time in each day, or maybe it is that there is plenty of time, but also plenty to do that ends up occupying that time!  How can I fit yoga into my busy schedule?