New Site Launching September 27th


We're excited to announce that our new and improved site is almost ready! We've been working hard to update to a brand new platform that provides better technical functionality as well as a better user experience. We've taken your suggestions to heart and many of the new features we've included in the new site are designed around feedback we've received from the DoYogaWithMe community!

Here are a few of the new features you can expect to find on the new DoYogaWithMe:

Personalized Homepage

You will still have the ability to search for content as you have in the past, but now your homepage will be personalized based on which teachers you have chosen to follow and the classes you have recently taken. This makes it easier for you to access the content that's the best fit for your practice!

Practice Studio

You will be able to easily find your favorited classes and content from your favorite teachers in your new 'Practice Studio'. You will also be able to create your own 'Collections' of classes, which you can share with other DYWM members!

Clean & Modern Interface

A clean and clear interface makes navigating and exploring new content that much easier!

Challenge & Program Progress Tracking 

Picking up right where you left off in all of our multiday yoga challenges and programs is easier than ever!

More great features and functionality are under devlopment, so keep an eye open for updates and send us your ideas and thoughts to help us make DoYogaWithMe even better!

Leading up to the new website launch:

  1. We will be adding very little new content to the current website. 

  2. Download the DoYogaWithMe Studio Smart TV and/or Mobile apps (Android/ iOS) so that you can continue your practice during the crossover.

  3. Make sure you have your account login information secure (once the new site is live, you may or may not need to login again).

  4. Look for our new site tutorial videos, featuring the lovely Fiji McAlpine!


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We want to thank everyone in the community for their continued support and we greatly appreciate your patience while we make this monumental transition.

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Rose0107 23 hours ago

I am SO EXCITED for this. One of the things I’ve always wanted from this site is the ability to save specific videos together, and have a page with all my favorite teachers. Thank you so much for taking the take to make this a reality, and to evolve and simplify your UI so our user experience is as positive as possible. Thank you for all that you guys do!

Pamelalee 3 days ago

I am not interested in a personalized homepage or practice studio. Will a general homepage still be available?

CarolynC 1 week ago

Hi David and DYWM team ! Just a quick note to thank you for working hard to upgrade the site, the new features look awesome ! A big thank you to all of the instructors for making a difference in many people’s lives, mine included. You guys rock !

alimpert73 1 week ago

Hi, I am excited to hear a new site is launching soon, but very frustrated that I keep getting Unknown error occurred messages on every video now. I have been unable to access a video since the weekend. Is this due to the changeover? Should I anticipate that I will not be able to stream video until that? I love DYWM and it has been a life changer for me over the past 4 years….guess that’s why I’m upset not to be able to use my membership right now. Thanks for everything to this point; appreciate any help you can offer to tide us over.

Georin Costello 1 week ago

Hi Ali,
The new site is still in the building phase and is on a completely different server. The downtime for the crossover won't be long and we'll notify everyone in advance of when exactly that is going to happen. We have had a few messages about similar errors and it seems to be related to running an older version of iOS. Let us know if that fixes the issue!

alimpert73 6 days ago

Also happened on my non Apple laptop but will definitely check to make sure I’m up to date. Thanks for taking the time to respond!