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If you’re like me, the end of the year brings much contemplation and reflection. I often think about how I can make changes in my daily routine that help me feel better, have more energy and live the life I want to live. In my experience, the easiest step is to establish a plan, but staying focused on a goal can be challenging with so many distractions throughout the typical day. 

Embrace Routine

This is why intention plays such an important role. Setting an intention encourages you to think more deeply about the issue, consider all options and answer questions like ‘what do I really want in my life and what do I need to do to get it?’ It also helps you simplify your life and clear your head, removing distractions and allowing you to more clearly see the path in front of you.  

One of the intentions that I set for myself this past year was to be more present with feelings and emotions and let them move through me, rather than getting attached to them. I used the analogy of standing in a river, while I could feel the water flow against my skin. I could even feel it flow through me. I would set aside time throughout the day to sit in meditation, breathe and feel the river of thoughts, emotions, tension and whatever else, pass through my body and mind. If I were to define my intention, it would be ‘this too shall pass’. I have dedicated myself to feeling all experience without labels or judgment, embracing life fully and compassionately.

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We're hoping that we can help inspire you to create these moments of reflection in your life, as well as offering you solutions when you're feeling stuck. With this in mind, for 2022 we will be designing our content and community engagement around 12 monthly themes. ‘Intention’ will be the first one, dedicated to January.

We will be featuring specific classes, programs, challenges, community conversations, live streams and workshops that are all designed around each monthly theme, helping you take a deeper look at your life, consider ideas that naturally provoke reflection, and discuss these topics with our community. These conversations will in turn help guide our own approach to what we do for you, inspiring the content that we create and nurturing the sense of community that we have built.

Happy New Year to you all!

David Procyshyn | Founder and CEO of DoYogaWithMe


Recommended Practice & Events


Livestream Discussion w/ Fiji McAlpine

Fiji McAlpine on IG Live - Let's Talk Intention
Join Fiji McAlpine on Instagram Live on January 14th at 12pm PST for a livestream on this month's theme of Intention. 

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Programs to Strengthen Intention

Calm In The Chaos

Anxiety: A Learning Series

Yoga Nidra: Sleep Sessions

Yoga Classes To Strengthen Intention

1  Energy & Intention

2  Slow Flow: Standing Room Only

3  The Eye That Guides You

4  Jivamukti Yoga Spiritual Warrior

5 Trust Transformation

Power Into 2022 Yoga Challenge

Power Into 2022 | 22-Day Yoga Challenge

Sangha Session

Join the Sangha Session (Community Conversation) in the forum: "What does Intention mean to you and what role has it played in your life?"

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