Fiji McAlpine - Welcome To Your Practice Studio

We've done it, our new site has launched!  I am sure all of you have been exploring the new site and getting to know some of our new features. My favorite part of the new site is the Practice Studio, and all the features there that help to customize the site to my needs and preferences. In this post I would like to be your guide and walk you through these great new features in the Practice Studio section of the site.

Enter your Practice Studio

Entering your practice studio is easy! Before you log in for the first time, please clear your browser cache,  including cookies, for "all time." (Here's a tutorial page for clearing your browser cache) Once you are logged in, find your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Click that image and a drop down menu will appear, the first choice will be practice studio. Once you click on Practice Studio you will be taken to a page customized for you, and by you!


Following Feature

You now have the ability to follow your favorite teachers or focus on certain teachers at certain times. This makes it really easy to pick a class if you have a specific teacher in mind for the day!  When you click on the Following feature you will see a long list of our teachers.  Once click to follow a few of the teachers that list will be split up for you into Following or Discover.  You can follow and unfollow teachers at anytime by clicking on follow or unfollow beside their name. Note, the change won’t show up until the page is refreshed, or until the next time you come back to the page.



Once you have some of your favorite collections created you can keep them to yourself or share them with others by choosing to make it public.  You can make a collection public or private when you are naming the collection, or change that status later on by clicking the edit button that is beside the collection.

How do you add a class to a collection?  Now, on the bottom of each class you will see a heart symbol, this gives you the option to save the class to a collection.  When you click the heart, a box will pop up allowing you to add the class to a current collection or to add it to a brand new collection.

Where are my Bookmarks?

If you had bookmarks on the old site, you will find them in the Collections area. Feel free to add to your existing Collection of bookmarks or create a new Collection.


This feature is useful and very simple, it also requires nothing from you other than to keep doing classes!  Every time you do a class or challenge it will show up here in your history.  This is a great way to keep track of classes you have done already.

I hope you found this helpful and that you will enjoy customizing your own Practice Studio!  We are still working on new features, sections, and content for the site so keep your eye out for more blogs like this one!  I hope to be with you on the mat soon, the next time you Do Yoga With Me!



Existing Comments

February 10, 2024

Hi, In my practice studio I have several duplicates of a yoga class that I like. I only need one but don't know how to get rid of the others.

Thanks for your help,

Wendy Scott

[email protected]

March 26, 2023

I have quite a few accidental duplications.  How do I edit my Practice Studio?