Monthly Update - April 2021

Monthly Update - April 2021


With the return of the warmer weather and blooms, our teachers and video team are gearing up for filming lots of outdoor classes! Something about practicing outdoors just seems to bring the practice to a different place. Maybe it's the fresh air, or maybe the gentle give of the ground beneath the mat... whatever it is, we are READY to get back outside. How about you?



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8-Day Yoga for Lifelong Wellness Program w/ Guy Friswell

This video series with Guy focuses on using yoga to enhance eight fundamental physical and mental characteristics of personal well-being. The program can be done by anyone and is particularly appropriate for seniors.

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If you missed any of our previous livestreams, or simply just want to do them again, you can find the full classes under Practice > Classes on our homepage.



Upcoming Content

  • Classes from Fiji, Melissa, Jonni-Lyn, Rachel and Josh.

  • New Anxiety Series with David




DoYogaWiithMe 250 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Approved

Join Rachel and David on April 9/21 for a live, interactive webinar that will provide you with a complete picture of their 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Whether you're looking to become a professional teacher or simply want to deepen your practice, Yoga Teacher Training is an inspiring and uplifting opportunity to nourish your passion for yoga. 

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250-Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training Program 

Join yogis from around the world in our immersive online classroom and study yoga anatomy, cueing, class sequencing, philosophy and more!

For more information about the Yoga Teacher Training, check out our "All You Need To Know" article or our 60-minute YTT Info Webinar.

All You Need To Know YTT Info Webinar

Rachel Yoga Teacher Training


Payment Plans are also available for all packages.

Click here and scroll down to YTT Pricing for more information.


    New Level 2 Courses:


    The First Course is Free!

    Our Level 1 Orientation introduces you to how our 250-hour YTT works.

    It's free for everyone so you can begin anytime.

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    DoYogaWithMe Yoga Teachers


    Upcoming Level 1 & 2 Cohorts ($600 USD each):           

    To join Level 1 Certification - May 10/21 Cohort, click here.

    To join Level 2 Certification - May 10/21 Cohort, click here.


    If you would like to join both Level 1 and 2 as a package, click here to view our options.


    Past Cohorts ($600 USD each):

    Level 1 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort

    Level 2 Certification - Jan 11/21 Cohort



    Gift of Gratitude Yoga Retreat | Fiji McAlpine @ The HollyHock Retreat Center
    Sep 2 - Sep 7, 2021
    Grounded and Grateful Yoga Retreat | Melissa Krieger @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Jan 9 - Jan 16, 2022


    Embrace The Edge Yoga Retreat | Fiji McAlpine @  @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2022
    Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico
    Note: This retreat is sold out! Add yourself to the waiting list through our Contact Us page. 
    Heart and Soul Yoga Retreat | Tracey Noseworthy @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Mar 12 - Mar 19, 2022
    DoYogaWithMe Yoga Teacher Training Level 4 Yoga Retreat Rachel Scott @ The Mar De Jade Wellness Resort
    Mar 26 - Apr 6, 2022


    Pilates | 16 min | Intermediate III  
     Julia Crouch

    Don't have a lot of time, but still want to squeeze in a session? Get to work with Julia in this brief but efficient 15-minute practice! 
    Values-Based Education | 6 min | Beginner I 
                         Instructor: David Procyshyn
    This practice for kids and families emphasizes self-love and self-acceptance. The principal theme and methodology comes from VbE (Values-Based Education), an approach which cultivates those values that are vital to maintaining healthy relationships.


    Power Yoga | 59 min | Intermediate III
                        Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
    Join Tracey and settle into the cadence, the pace and rediscover the warrior within. Through warrior poses, gentle twists, and integrated movement you will unleash your power, your strength, and your fearlessness. You’ve got this!

    Glute Blast
    Vinyasa Yoga | 47 min | Intermediate II
    Instructor: Josh Chen
    This class from Josh is a robust vinyasa practice that's sure to put some heat in your glutes. Hip openers like half moon and side plank will help cultivate strength in supportive muscles groups. 
    Pilates | 22 min | Intermediate I 
     Julia Crouch

    After 2 months of recovery post-delivery, make your way back to the mat and reconnect to your core in this postnatal practice with Julia. She’ll help you navigate safely while exploring core exercises after pregnancy.


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    WillowLady 4 months ago

    I signed up for free membership last month & registered for the 30 day senior yoga challenge & I never heard back for this site. I want notified when challenge began or about my free membership application. Can you help me with this, somebody?

    Clare Nicholls-... 4 months ago

    Hi there,

    I just sent you an email :) Please let me know if you do not receive it.

    Thank you!

    barbkoch 4 months ago

    "Yogi gift basket - Enter daily here!" button under the video to enter the prize draw daily... so it says in my daily reminder emails for a 30 day challenge - I've checked under the video and can't see it - any help with a link to the draw? Thanks
    Barb Koch

    Clare Nicholls-... 4 months ago

    Hi Barb,

    There were prize baskets from when we originally launched certain challenges, but we are no longer doing that. So sorry for the confusion. We'll get it fixed up right away.