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  • Challenging poses to build up to, but a really good class, and fun poses too!

  • Long and challenging, but really works and opens the whole body.

  • AMAZING class!! Stretchy, hard work, but feels great. Good transition to Advanced class.

  • A quick challenging workout - felt pretty well stretched after too!

  • haven't done it but seems like a good spine opener!

  • REALLY good stretch for the hips, some fun pigeon variations, and a fairly good upper body workout too. Go into it with patience.

  • Really great overall stretch with a bit of a workout too.

  • This class is incredible. A really strong workout, but I got into poses I never had before. Really good shoulder and hip stretches too.

  • Really lovely late night active stretch

  • great quick hamstring workout and stretch

  • Such a great class! Challenging but achievable, and a really good stretch for the entire body.

  • Loving this challenge! Will bookmark individual classes I love...

  • So great! Challenging stretches (take it slow) but a good workout

  • AMAZING shoulder and upper back opener and stretch, pretty good stretch for the quads too!
    Quick and easy one to do when you need opening in the back.

  • Really love, fairly easy morning wake up and stretch

  • A nice quick practice that really gets into the hips. Could be paired well with an upper body workout/stretch.

  • Solid class, works the legs but also a great stretch. Slow but challenging.

  • Really lovely bedtime practice <3
    Good overall stretch, vinyasa but not challenging at all.

  • Amazing stretch for the lower body, and great twists as well. Not too challenging, but good when you want to stretch and move at the same time.

  • One of my favourite classes! Slow, meditative, but a good gentle stretch. Great for when you want some quiet, and centering.

  • A nice quick movement class to shake off blues and boredom. Easy, but satisfying. Good for when you don't want anything intense.

  • Really great mini-workout and stretch. Really lights you up and is centring at the same time. Goes really well with Get Up and Move!

  • LOVELY class. Fun, interesting, challenging. A good workout and a good stretch, and you really jump right into it.

  • A really good and interesting shoulder stretch (although, take it slow!) and just a good overall stretch when you need a slow class.

  • Really slow gentle stretch, for when you don't want to do much, but want guidance (has downward dog).

  • So good! A bit of a workout, a decent stretch (upper body especially) and interesting poses.

  • Really lovely slow flow class that is a great hip/IT/lower body stretch, and some upper body too! Good physio exercises.

  • Quick tutorial on shoulders. A tiny challenge for the shoulders, and a good reminder of how to use them properly in yoga!

  • Really lovely slow but powerful class. A lot of arm work, so not good if your arms are tired!

  • Really sweet morning class. Easy, stretchy, and ends on a high.

  • A really good strength workout, focussed on twists. Be warm and loose to start with as it starts strong, but you'll feel even looser and great by the end!

  • Verrrrry slow to start, but once you get into it, it's so calming and an easy release for the body when you barely want to move, but still want something guided.

  • Wonderful wonderful class. So challenging, but so manageable. It's a strength workout, and a GREAT stretch everywhere. Love it!

  • a quick pick me up - get's you on the mat to keep exploring!

  • Lovely. Not too fast not too slow, just easy sun salutations, it feels flowy and good.

  • The perfect all-around vinyasa class. Not too fast, but a little fast, lots of good stretching but also some movement. So good!

  • Quick pick me up, fairly stretchy and fast

  • AMAZING!!! Slow, challenging, with twists, a lot of quad stretches, and great direction. This is not for when you're tired! Uses a lot of energy so even if you're looking for something fast and powerful, this is good!

  • I like this stretch, it's very calming and gentle. There is one shoulder stretch (thread the needle variation) that did not work for me, so skip it or do your own thing!

  • Such a great hip and leg opening sequence, but also really opens the entire body, shoulders, back - it's great!

  • Really love slow and thorough evening practice, with downward dog and some nice lower body and a few upper body stretches

  • Fast, a bit challenging and some poses I might want to replace, but really good overall stretch and workout!

  • Beautiful every day practice.

  • Lovely quick class, not too much warm-up so warm up first, but otherwise get's in a tiny bit of everything!

  • So centring and calming, fast but easy. Great to do when you just want *something*.

  • This is slow, a lot of speaking, but really intentional and lovely. Might be helpful for when you're feeling anxious and need to focus on something else.

  • Lovely stretch with some strength, good hip openers!

  • Challenging but fun, great stretch and mini workout

  • Such a wonderful challenge. Really opens up the whole body, it's very strengthening, and so fun and light. A workout, but worth it.

  • SO wonderful. A little challenging, a great stretch overall. Lovely.

  • Lovely well rounded class, takes some strength, some twists, hip and upper body openers. Not too strenuous but nice if you feel like you want to move and get the heart beating a bit.