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SIMPLE STEPS TO A BETTER PRACTISE. Let our yoga programs be your guide, creating a structured series to help you get the most out of our online videos. Each one of these programs has been designed to move you toward a particular goal in a safe, efficient way. Choose one from the list and get started!

Programs with an "Access" button are available for you to start. Simply click on the button and start whenever you would like. Please note that any program with a yellow plus sign are for our subscribers. Click here if you would like to subscribe now.

Programs with a "Download" button are pay-what-you-can. After clicking the download button, you can contribute to the purchase of the program by entering an amount or download the program for free by entering zero in the price field. The download is a simple, easy-to-follow PDF with links to all of the classes. Thanks, and Namaste!

Yoga for MMA

To make you a stronger, more efficient and effective fighter
Intermediate 8 Weeks 4 Classes

Yoga and MMA share many common goals, such as humility, mental calm and a respect for tradition. They are also powerful spiritual and physical practices that tap into the deeper core of who you are. This makes them natural complements to one another. What yoga can offer MMA is a practice that quickly increases flexibility and core strength, elements that MMA fighters rely on to manoeuvre and over-power their opponents. This program is designed to do exactly that, while improving recovery time and endurance, so you can train harder and improve faster.

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Yoga For Runners

To improve your performance and help keep you injury free.
Beginner 6 Weeks 4 Classes

This yoga program directly addresses the physical demands that are part of an intense training regime, keeping you injury-free, improving your performance and shortening your recovery time. The selection of classes are designed to target key muscles that play a significant role in running; muscles that often become tight are stretched, while muscles that are commonly weak are strengthened.

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Yoga for Office Workers

To prevent or help heal the many problems associated with chronic computer use
Beginner 6 Weeks 4 Classes

This program is designed to prevent or heal common computer-related issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, neck pain, head aches, back pain, chronic stress and chronic fatigue.

Intermediate to Advanced Power Yoga

To progress from intermediate to advanced in power yoga
Intermediate 6 Weeks 4 Classes

Are you an experienced power yoga student who is looking to up your game? In this 6-week program you will gradually do more difficult classes. Along the way, you will most likely find yourself attempting poses you have never done before, or have only seen someone else do. With your confidence, strength and flexibility building, the last week presents a set of advanced classes that will knock your socks off! Get ready for a challenge and get ready to feel very, very good.

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Ongoing Intermediate Yoga Program

To maintain a strong practice after completing the Beginner to Intermediate Program
Intermediate 8 Weeks 3 Classes

This carefully structured schedule of classes will challenge you progressively and teach you more about your body and proper alignment, while opening up your body in so many wonderful ways. Let DoYogaWithMe's core instructors teach you to move, stretch, breathe, balance, build your strength and flexibility, and feel great!

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Beginner Progressing to Intermediate

Progressing from beginner level classes to intermediate classes
Beginner 8 Weeks 5 Classes

This program has been designed specifically for the beginner student who wants to be challenged with different and more difficult poses and classes, and who wants to rapidly increase strength, flexibility and mental calm. Because it is five classes a week for two months, it requires dedication - but the pay-off is incredible! You will feel very different once this program is completed.

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Ongoing Beginner Yoga Program

To maintain a strong practice after completing the Absolute Beginners Program.
Beginner 8 Weeks 3 Classes

This program is designed for any beginner student who wants some help maintaining a regular practice at home, so you can continue to improve, challenge yourself and feel great. It is built to fit into your schedule, allowing you to choose optional classes during each week, depending on your mood. And best of all, it features DoYogaWithMe's amazing team of instructors!

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Yoga For Absolute Beginners

Increased flexibility in preparation for more challenging classes
Beginner 6 Weeks Two Classes and one tutorial

This program introduces a wide range of beginner classes, chosen for their focus on being gentle, careful and emphasizing alignment. Each class builds on the one before it, finishing with class twelve, which will challenge the student the most. It is designed to get your muscles used to being stretched, while minimizing soreness. After six weeks, not only will you feel more flexible, but you will be able to take on more challenging classes.

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