December 22, 2016

Phil, Bus Driver, New Zealand

Just a wee note to say thanks very much to you all.

I have only been doing this a couple of months and multiple old injury related bugbears are fading rapidly. I am both impressed and grateful. I have recommended this site to multiple people - none of whom would even consider yoga in the normal run of things - I know some have tried it.

So a very Merry Christmas to you all - and thanks again.

November 3, 2016

Peter, Lawyer, Connecticut, USA

I am a fan of your classes and have been for a couple of years, first learning about the website from my daughter and son-in-law. Your
classes are first rate and beautifully presented. I usually enjoy basic vinyasa classes or concentrated pre and post running sessions. But for a month or so I have been working to rehabilitate my spine after a serious misalignment problem and have benefited significantly from David's thoughtful classes focused on stretching the back and improving strength and flexibility of hips and hamstrings.

So I am writing to thank you. I applaud your efforts and feel grateful for what you do and how professionally and artfully you do it.

October 12, 2016

Ana Clara, Brazilian Student Living in Germany

Dear Do Yoga with me,

I am practicing Yoga with your videos for a year now and I have only good things to tell about it. The classes helped me in many ways, from my back pain to my motivation and concentration. As I can't pay any kind of gym of classes right now, DYWM was the perfect option to make me move.

Best regards,

October 7, 2016

Michelle, Graphic Designer, Florida, USA

Hello David.

You've given everyone who has access to the internet a great gift. Having access to your and Tracey's classes has helped me slow down and realize the benefits of breath work while strengthening, stretching and just being. I am a former gym rat and between an injury, getting older and my scoliosis I've had to change things up over the last several years. It was hard to let go of that mentality of no gain without an intense workout.

I realize, finally, that I can strengthen my body in a loving way or just allow myself to enjoy stretching or meditating. I particularly enjoy the many options or alternative poses you provide if something doesn't feel comfortable. Your online classes have brought me a lot of comfort.

I will make a donation today.

Thank you.

October 5, 2016

Dawn, Business Analyst, Washington DC, USA

I found this site a couple weeks ago and I. LOVE. Y'ALL!

A few years ago I was so fortunate to work at a company that had a gym, and they had a great 45min lunchtime yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have missed that perk SO MUCH and have wanted to start a home practice ever since. Well, I remodelled my living room recently so now I have the room to do yoga, and your website has been amazing for providing really amazing, great quality videos
to follow!

I do miss yoga class *sometimes* but honestly, being able to do yoga at my pace in my own house and choose from so many different classes is fantastic!

I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!* Love it love it love it! I am excited to go home and do yoga after work now, I'll browse the site during the day and pick the class that appeals to me that day and then spend the rest of the day looking forward to it. Having that kind of enthusiasm is amazing and makes my day!

Thank you so much, thank you to all the teachers who make wonderful videos, thank you for making the site, and keep the great vids/meditations/instructionals coming!

THANK YOU!!!!! I'm such a happy subscriber and I will definitely be recommending this site to my friends!!!

April 13, 2016

Dani, Illustrator and Fine Arts Teacher, Barcelona, Spain

Thanks to all of you for creating such an amazing yoga free site.

In fact, I use this opportunity to tell you how thankful am I with two works you did, David: “A deep release for the hips,…” and the 21-Day Relaxation Course. Both gave me a new comprehension of myself, my body, my inner soul and a new perception of the world.

For all these reasons, I thought that I owe you something, with such generosity. I hope you’ll find more success, whatever you think it is for you, and also hope you would be able to remain online for so many time to make more people so happy as me, or more!!

Thank you again and namaste.
"Love, live, learn and laugh”

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