February 7, 2017

Lissa, Computer Consultant, WI, USA

I just wanted to thank-you for your lovely channel. I love your videos. I just did David's Yoga for your Feet video. I have bad feet issues and have tried other videos but they do a few feet poses and the rest is just regular yoga. Every pose David did was about the feet. I loved it. I also very much like Melissa and Anastasia's videos.

So, I am going to donate after this email is sent but I just wanted to tell you how much your channel helps me.


February 1, 2017

Niki, Hairstylist and Office Assistant, Alabama, USA

I wanted to thank you for the 30 day challenge! It may be the best thing I have done for myself. Everyday was exactly what I needed. Every teacher is amazing. I am so glad I found this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

January 25, 2017

Zoe, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher, UK

Your website is absolutely fantastic and I am a complete fan of you and all your wonderful teachers. I am a full time mindfulness teacher here in the UK, working with lots of different groups, and I tell them about your wonderful gift to the world all the time.

Thank you, a deep bow and wishing you all many blessings


January 23, 2017

Mandie, Nurse, Wisconsin, USA

Thanks so much for creating DYWM, it's completely changed my practice. I love the way it's organized. I've been sharing it with all my yogini friends.

January 12, 2017

Adam, Teacher, Maine, USA

I just wanted to tell someone how WONDERFUL I think this site is...the classes are perfect and so are the teachers (especially Satiya!). Thank you for providing this fabulous opportunity to practice yoga at home. I love everything about it!

January 11, 2017

Trenda, Herbalist, Thailand

I have not ever commented on any of the videos that I have watched... just doesn't come to me naturally... I have thought about it a few times, but decided to just write to you here (maybe one day i will start to comment)...

If this is David (or please tell David)... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SITE! It's so well thought out and really goes deep into deeper meanings of yoga. I avoided doing yoga for years, because I didn't want to be around other people doing it... and never really found online videos that worked for me.

Almost all the instructors on this site are absolutely amazing. Fiji, Satiya, and David are my favorites. Seriously... so much thought went into this site and it is very VERY much appreciated. And it's also great that most of the site is free.... I would love to become a subscriber and donate what I could monthly, but from what i have seen its a fixed price. Maybe one day I will be able to do that.

I have learned so much with Do Yoga With Me and I tell people all the time about it. And THANK YOU for the 30 day YOGA challenge... I SOOOOOO needed (need) that. I feel like this short email isn't even expressing half of my gratitude... Really, David and whoever else put this together... thank you <3


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