July 24, 2017

Britanny, Social Worker, Saskatoon, Canada

Hi Fiji,

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for all of the videos you make! I discovered yoga almost 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. Since then I've had 2 more babies and your prenatal and postnatal videos were an amazing resource. I often don't get the chance to go to a studio (what with having 3 kids under 5 and all!) so Doyogawithme has been a life- and sanity - savior.

When I was new to yoga my husband and I would celebrate when I came upstairs saying "I finished a Fiji!" Finishing one of your classes was a benchmark for me. As time went on I could gauge my strength by how well I performed in the class. Instead of collapsing afterwards, I was finishing with ease, feeling strong and empowered.

There are still many classes I am working on. Arm balances and inversions are new territory I'm exploring. I love how I leave your classes feeling challenged but not defeated. I have a long way to go but you inspire me to continue on this path! Thank you so much for doing what you do. Know that you are truly making a difference.

Thank you.

July 16, 2017

Judy, Montessori Teacher, Ohio, USA

I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation for what you have provided - and for so many people! I have been on a path of personal discovery and it all began with your website and the (free) videos that you provided.

An initial interest in learning yoga-and finding all of your inspirational teachers - planted the seeds of finding a local studio, taking yoga teacher training and now bringing yoga to not only the peers that I work with but to the young adolescents that I teach and who carry such incredible stresses in today's world. I wanted you to know that your work has touched so many lives. It is my hope that these young people will carry the benefits
not just temporarily off their mats, but throughout their lives.

Thank you for the incredible gift you have given to so many!

July 10,2017

Leah, Athletic Trainer, Vermont, USA

I just completed DYWM’s 6 week intermediate to advanced strength program, and I just wanted to thank you for your work putting it together! I loved having a set of classes to follow each week that built on the previous week, and the option of two classes for each day. I feel that I am stronger and more able than when I began (I was able to do a headstand for the very first time at week 4), and more importantly my yoga practice as a whole has grown in understanding and endurance. Thank you for your dedication to home practice yogis and teaching strong foundations. It is so very appreciated!

Fiji is an incredible teacher and by far my favorite – because of her I have started measuring an online yoga teacher’s ability to teach by how often I have to look up. Her verbal cues are just so clear.

Thanks again, and keep doing what you are doing!


April 27, 2017

Eric, Yogi, Philadelphia, USA

Thanks again for Doyogawithme. If not for your generous site and support, I would not have had the courage nor the strength to sign up for teacher training as I just did.

Thanks very much to you and your wonderful crew of instructors, I am beginning a very exciting new volume of my life. I'd say chapter, but this is too monumental for such a small unit of measure. The last few years have brought to me a great deal of insight, awareness, and levels of growth I once thought impossible. Your site had a major role in bringing these things forth.

So thank you again and again for offering such an open, giving, inviting, and unifying site / practice.

Take care,

April 20, 2017

Dianne, Holistic Therapist, UK

I have practiced yoga for 20 years, but recently for financial reasons decided to stop going to my class. I discovered Do Yoga With Me and just wanted to say a huge thank you, for offering for FREE so many wonderful classes. Your site has allowed me to continue my practice and I regularly do 3-4 classes a week via the site.

I think it is wonderful that you allow people to access classes with no charge and I look forward to joining up fully once my financial situation is back to normal.

Many thanks

March 22, 2017

Adrienne, Hospice RN, San Francisco, USA

Sending huge gratitude for your website!! I am loving doing yoga with Fiji McAlpine and Tracey Noseworthy. I am a busy hospice nurse and single mom of two... and I have limited time and financial resources to attend classes at my local yoga studio or gym. Having access to your videos on this website has been a gift from the Universe. It is what is keeping me grounded in my life!

Thank you and Namaste.

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