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The theme of March here at DoYogaWithMe, is renewal. When I started to consider what this word or concept meant to me, I thought I’d check with some teachers I love and respect to see what they had to say. One of my favorite meditation teachers is Jack Kornfield. He spent many years living as a forest monk in Thailand and is a senior and respected teacher of meditation. 

On the subject of renewal I found this quote from him:

 “The world offers perennial renewal, in the grass that pushes itself up between the cracks in the sidewalk, in the end of every torrential rainstorm and in every newly planted window box, in every unexpected revolution, with each new morning’s light. This unstoppable spirit of renewal is in you. Trust it. Learn that it flows through you and all of life. “- Jack Kornfield

Daisies Growing In Crack In The Pavement

Isn’t that so beautiful? The world offers perennial renewal. Again and again, we have the chance to look at things with a renewed sense of joy and compassion. A chance to approach our practice with this “beginner's mind''. I have done Trikonasana (triangle pose) thousands of times in my life. Sometimes I just space out and wait to move to the next pose. 

But sometimes....a cue or a thought or just the moment brings me into the pose for the very first time again. Like it’s my first Trikonasana. I have this sense that this is the very first time in this body, in this pose. In a way, that’s correct. Our bodies change everyday and my body will never feel this exact way, in this pose as it does today.

 I come to the pose new.

 And leave it, renewed.

In Sanskrit, punarAdhAna means renewing or replacing a consecrated or sacred fire. Yoga offers many ways with which we stoke our sacred fire. Through breathwork, meditation, Asana, chanting, studying and selfless service. Each time we come to our mat, or have that difficult conversation, we have the chance to practice Yoga. The chance to renew our  practice and a chance to approach each moment as new. 

A chance to view the world and all it offers with perennial renewal.

Jonni-Lyn Friel

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