Improve Your Flexibility for Busy People 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate | 30 days | 30 Classes


This yoga challenge is accessible to any intermediate student, no matter how busy you are. The 30 classes range from 10 to 23 minutes and the day-to-day progression improves the flexibility in your whole body in a gradual, effective way. The most important muscles that will improve are your hamstrings, hips, lower back, shoulders, arms and neck. If you can stick with the daily classes, you will find your body feeling lighter, less discomfort, more relaxed and with joints that have greater range of motion.

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rachlyon 2 years ago

The button to "sign up for inbox delivery" takes me to the sign-up for the Build Your Resilience challenge, which I just did. Is it possible to sign up for inbox delivery for the Flexibility challenge?