Get Strong! Whole Body 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate | 21 days | 21 Classes


With longer classes (on average) and a focus on the whole body, this yoga challenge may be the most challenging of our Get Strong! series. However, if you go through the 21 days, you will notice that we ease off a bit as we get closer to the end with more hatha, yin and restorative classes, helping you recover from the work and ensuring that you enjoy the experience and walk away feeling energized and rejuvenated. Do this challenge if you like longer classes, a focus on the whole body and a wide variety of teachers and styles.

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I finally finished this challenge. I had to take a 6 week break from the challenge to work on some physio exercises due to a funny knee but all is good now thanks to my physiotherapist and some IMS treatment. So this challenge was really broken up for me. However, I learned so much from all the teachers. And now all I want to do are the challenge or the programs rather than just randomly picking a class from the many available. So I hope that DYWM continues with these challenges and programs especially now when we all need a reason to get up in the morning and find healthy things to do with our time at home due the Covid-19 virus. I also liked how this challenge slowed down at the end of each week with a nice long restorative practice from Melissa at the very end.

mromero 2 years ago

This challenge was intense at times but it changed my relationship with yoga. I have been doing yoga for 10 years, the past 3 with DoYogaWithMe And with your help my mind's eye has opened! Namaste!

janets63 2 years ago

Yeah, I finished the 21 days and loved it! I feel very centered and strong in my legs, like they developed a new shape to them. :) And also I feel like my tummy is flatter, overall I feel amazing. But the one thing that I learned about myself, in the restorative practices, I can become very relaxed and fall asleep. Do I still get the benefits of the class while napping! Looking for the next challenge.