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We’re getting you something truly awesome for Christmas. We just don’t know how to wrap it, so instead I’m going to tell you what it is.

For the month of December, we’re offering new subscribers 3 months of unlimited access to all DYWM content for just $24.99!

Why We’re Offering Discounted Membership

We want everyone to have full access to all of our video content because so much of it is fantastic! And we can relate to the experience of doing free classes with your favorite instructors and then getting stuck peering at them from behind a paywall, when you want to do more. 

This was a struggle for us, early on. That is, until we realized that our Sustaining Members give us the means to fulfill our mission: allow everyone access to half of our videos, free of charge. Most importantly, we’d rather have a subscription model to achieve this than insert ads that interrupt your yoga practice. 

Can you imagine that? 

“Reach up, hold for five breaths, buy salt and vinegar Snackles, they taste great, and release.”

This holiday season, we want to offer you a discounted 3-month subscription plan so that new members can enjoy full access to premium content for 60% of the full price (on a monthly subscription).

Your First Time? Here's Why You Should Do Yoga With Us

Yoga improves mood through the release of endorphins; helps you deal with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression; promotes mindfulness; improves posture, flexibility, and quality of sleep; enhances strength and heart health, and more.

But why do yoga with DoYogaWithMe? What makes us different?

  • Our values aren’t based on market research. Every member of our core team is here because they care about sustainability, compassion, and honesty.
  • We stay small so that we can build relationships with our community. Even if it sounds paradoxical, it works for us. Though our community grows, we resist turning into a corporation. DYWM is owned and founded by brothers David and Sean Procyshyn, who ensure that every new team member’s values and character align with our mission.
  • Our teachers are, in the words of students, “frickin’ awesome.” They’re real, approachable, and kind. They’re people you’ll enjoy building a relationship with, both on and off our website!
  • So, so easy to use. Adjust filters like class length, difficulty level, teacher, yoga style, and body-part focus to find the perfect practice for today.
  • Earning, but not profit-driven. We earn so we can keep doing what we love, but we certainly don’t do it for the profit.
  • “Ethics” is not a throwaway buzzword at DYWM, particularly when it comes to the environment and social media. We are committed to plastic-free yoga and a truthful, non-manipulative social media presence.
  • Finally, our mission has stayed the same since 2009: bringing free yoga to the world. 50% of our classes are available to all.

Take your yoga journey with us and see for yourself!

What You Get For Subscribing

We value every single member of our community, regardless of membership type. 

But the way we express gratitude to our sustaining members – those who financially support our mission and community – is by giving them:

  • Unlimited access to 1000+ ad-free yoga, meditation, and movement classes
  • Unrestricted access to new releases and premium content
  • The full collection of curated programs & challenges
  • 25% off on livestream events
  • The ability to follow your favorite teachers
  • Your own practice studio where you can put together collections of your favorite classes
  • Access to our awesome mobile and TV apps

A Great Value Deal

We hope you agree that $24.99 is great value for this, but we know that $24.99 isn’t nothing, either.

Some of you will have to postpone buying that double yin-yang scented candle. Others will need to leave their wine bottles standing for another month without a wine rack. You may even have to skip the two large pizzas on Friday!

But – if you can put these needs aside for another 31 days, you can treat yourself to three months of unlimited DYWM for less than the cost of a week’s membership at an in-person yoga studio.

Empty Yoga Studio
Where’d everyone go?
Wherever they wanted. You, too, can enjoy DYWM online whenever and wherever you like.


The Gift Of Giving

When you purchase a sustaining membership, you’re not only giving yourself access to more yoga classes – you’re doing the same for those who can’t afford it.

We designed our offer in the hope it becomes a gift that keeps on giving: we gift a 3-month discounted subscription to you, and when you purchase this unlimited access, you support our staff to continue making free videos, thus giving the gift of free yoga to others. 

Access Our Popular New Year’s Day Challenges

This offer is great timing because you will also get access to our exciting upcoming New Year's Challenges! On January 1, 2024, you’ll wake up and find three new 14-Day New Year's Challenges under your Christmas tree.

1. Strengthen Your Yoga Practice

Strengthen Your Yoga Practice

Hey greenhorn – this one’s for you. Curated and designed for all types of beginners, this 14-day series will help you learn key yoga principles. After two weeks, you’ll have the tools essential to reap the most benefits out of every yoga session, perform the various poses safely, and establish a healthy, regular wellness routine.

Learning fundamental asana and the principles of yoga will help you build a sustainable, rewarding, and lifelong yoga practice. 

2. Soar Into 2024

Soar into 2024

For the eager apprentice, ready to grow. This challenge is crafted for those who want to deepen their yoga practice. So if you’re ready to explore beyond yoga basics and delve deeper into your mind, your body, and how they are connected, this is the course for you.

3. Explore The Benefits Of Meditation

Explore the Benefits of Meditation Challenge

Tap into your inner stillness. This meditation series provides an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to meditate and improve your focus. It’ll help you establish a solid, consistent practice, which is a key part of yoga and benefits all aspects of your life.

Over 14 gentle, constructive sessions, we will work with you to demystify, debunk, and deepen your understanding of meditation so that it becomes more accessible and implementable. Allow mindfulness to enrich your yoga practice and your life.

Subscribing Is Easy

Maybe you’ve gone through all the free classes of your favorite instructors, but you can’t get enough of Fiji. You want to hear more from Tracey. You know that you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg from Rachel.

Perhaps you just need to spend more time on the site to decide who your favorite teachers are. Perhaps you want more options to plan out your yoga schedule for the week. 

A subscription will give you the freedom to explore without limitations.

Yoga Feet Stretching
Consider gifting yourself 3 months of unlimited-access yoga over a pair of fancy socks.

Subscribing is easy, so do it now to enjoy our early Christmas offer: 3 discounted months of unlimited access to world-class yoga instruction, your own virtual practice studio, access to apps and streaming discounts, some genuine inspiration by kind people, and much more – all for a third of the cost of a pair of cashmere socks. Cashmere is itchy. For us, the choice is a no-brainer.

Happy holidays!


Existing Comments

December 11, 2023

Kia ora! And thank you for such a terrific offer - can't pass it up. Too good!

December 1, 2023

Ready to Soar into 2024.  Great to read the announcement. Thank you.