Get Strong! Shoulders and Arms 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate | 21 days | 21 Classes


With all of the classes between 20 and 45 minutes (with the exception of the shoulder release classes the complete each week), this shoulder strength yoga challenge is designed to be accessible to every intermediate to advanced student, even the busy ones.

It has also been created to feel balanced, healthy and safe. The tougher classes are always followed by more gentle classes that focus on release rather than strength. You will also notice three yoga classes that are particularly long (days 7, 14 and 21). Those three are stretch-focused yoga classes that are designed to release tight muscles more deeply and help you recover from the week's hard work.

Note: there are two classes on Day 1. They are both tutorials that will help with stability and alignment.

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Sue Tonin 9 months ago

Thank you to each and every instructor for this gentle yet challenging series of classes. I love tbe diversity of teaching styles that are unified by the same gentle and very intuitive connection to the key points of each pose. Wonderful, thank you again.