Transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge With


Welcome to our Transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge. This challenge was meant to run only for the month of January, but due to the huge success of the challenge and the number of emails we've received, we are going to leave this up for you to do anytime. 

There are two options for this yoga challenge: beginner and intermediate. Each day will showcase two classes, one for beginners and one for intermediate yogis. You can choose the class that is most suitable for your skill level. Each challenge level was designed to flow from one class to the next.  Therefore it is a good idea to remain on the same level for the duration of the challenge.

For those who would like to receive their class delivered directly in their inbox every day you can sign up for the 30-day challenge mailing list here

Not sure which challenge to do? Follow these guidelines:

Do the Beginner Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or less or you most frequently choose beginner classes online or gentle to moderate hatha yoga classes in a studio. The classes will range from gentle beginner to challenging beginner classes and will include restorative and yin classes.

Do the Intermediate Challenge if: you have been practicing yoga for a year or more and you most frequently choose power or vinyasa classes online or at a studio. The classes will range from gentle intermediate to challenging intermediate and will include mostly power/vinyasa yoga classes. 

Important: No matter which challenge you choose, you will most likely feel challenged in many different ways - physically, mentally, spiritually. Remember that yoga is about humility, surrender and experiencing your true self, and sometimes it's better to choose the more gentle path in order to sink into your inner experience. So don't be too concerned about choosing the right challenge during your 30 days of yoga - enjoy the path you are on!

Day 1

day 1 - beginner yoga challengeHatha Yoga for Grounding  49:50 Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

We start the Beginner 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Melissa's newest hatha yoga class, a class that establishes your foundation with breathing, relaxation and a sequence of gentle, hatha yoga poses. Her style and attention to detail makes Melissa the perfect candidate for Day 1.

Click here to go to Day 1's beginner class


Day 1 - intermediate yoga challengeBack to the Mat, 39:08, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

The Intermediate 30-Day Challenge begins with one of Fiji's most forgiving vinyasa yoga classes, Back to the Mat, which is designed to renew your practice, recover from a long night (or a long year!) or start a more dedicated yoga practice.

Click here to go to Day 1's intermediate class

Day 2

Day 2 - 30 day yoga challengeYoga for Stress Relief, 29:12, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

David's Yoga for Stress Relief continues our focus from Day 1 on relaxation and breathing, while teaching you techniques that help you let go of stress and anxiety. You will feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated after doing this 30-minute class. 

Click here to go to Day 2's beginner class


Day 2 - 30 day Intermediate yoga challengePower Yoga for Love Love Love, 25:21, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

Day Two inspires you with three kinds of love: self love, giving love and receiving love, with the amazing Tracey as your guide. Open up your heart and feel the love that flows within! 

Click here to go to Day 2's intermediate class

Day 3

Day 3 - Transform Your LifeHatha Yoga for Self Care II, 50:34, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Day 3 brings a longer class, more movement and longer holds in the poses. Hatha Yoga for Self Care II has a nice combination of deep stretches and flow, balancing them in a natural way that feels good for the body.

Click here to go to Day 3's beginner class


Day 3 - 30 day challengeIgnite Your Shakti, 23:01, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

The third day brings you a quick burst of energy compliments of Fiji, with beautiful, clear instructions and a challenging flow that may end up being one of your favorites.

Click here to go to Day 3's intermediate class

Day 4

Day 4 - free yoga challengeA Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck, 49:43, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

Day 4 continues the progression toward more movement and more energy. One of David's most popular hatha yoga classes, he moves you through a slow flow that is both demanding and deeply satisfying, even though it's gentle. The release for the shoulders, neck and arms will make you very happy.

Click here to go to Day 4's beginner class


Day 4 - In the Moment, Tracey NoseworthyIn the Moment, 51:25, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Your fourth class brings you into the moment, with a vinyasa flow that will knock your socks off, lift you up into poses you may not have done before and leave you with a big smile.

Click here to go to Day 4's intermediate class


Day 5

Day 5 - Free Yoga Challenge for beginnersSettling Into Relaxation, 26:50, Satiya Channer
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

We transition to standing for the beginning of Satiya's Settling Into Relaxation. Her sweet teaching style makes balancing so easy - then she moves to the floor and you spend the rest of the class on your back, releasing the hips and hamstrings, with a little bit of core work thrown in.

Click here to go to Day 5's beginner class


Day 5 - intermediate yoga classYin/Yang Yoga for the Spine, 53:01, Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Intermediate

We slow down a bit for day 5 with Sarah-Jane, as she helps you wake up your spine with calm, slow transitions, gentle instruction and a number of wonderfully deep stretches.

Click here to go to Day 5's intermediate class

Day 6

Day 6 - Transform Your LifeYin/Yang Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back, 42:00, Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Beginner

In Day 6 we come back to the often oh-so-tight shoulders, neck and upper back, with Sarah-Jane helping you deepen the release with yin yoga poses that target the upper back, arms and shoulders, then a flow that helps release those areas again, along with the hips, quads and spine.

Click here to go to Day 6's beginner class


Day 6Yummy 30, 29:03, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

 Day six is a Friday so we're ending the work-week in style with Fiji's very popular 30-minute Yummy 30. It's a little more gentle in the realm of Fiji's classes and is full of fun pose combinations.

Click here to go to Day 6's intermediate class


Day 7

Day 7 - Do Yoga With Me 30 day challengeSpinal Care for Beginners, 61:53, Anastasia Hangemanole
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

After the deeper work on your shoulders, Anastasia helps you gain more awareness of your spine - it's strength, flexibility and how to heal and protect it. Her calm voice and a good mix of challenging and gentle poses makes this hatha yoga class a delight.

Click here to go to Day 7's beginner class


Day 7 - Intermediate challengeHeavenly Hips, 68:45, Rachel Scott
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

It's Saturday and time for Rachel's epic, full-length, fun and challenging flow that targets the hips and hamstrings. Rachel shines in her delivery, making very hard poses accessible to almost anyone.

Click here to go to Day 7's intermediate class

Day 8

Day 8Release the Neck, 16:08, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Day 8, which is a Sunday, is a nice day for rest, relaxation and sometimes even a little pampering. Releasing the tension in your neck is one great way to experience a little pampering through self-care. This class stretches all of the major muscles of the neck, also releasing the jaw and upper back.

Click here to go to Day 8's beginner class


Day 8 intermediateHappy Feet, 40:31, Rachel Scott
Difficulty:  Intermediate

We bring the energy down for day 8, down to our foundation and our feet. This class helps you establish balance, ankle strength and flexibility, toe flexibility and a feeling of being rooted to the earth.

Click here to go to Day 8's intermediate class

Day 9

Day 9 - 30 day yoga challengeFlow Yoga to Energize, 47:14, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Beginner

We follow David's gentle neck stretch class with Melissa's hatha flow class that will wake you up. Melissa moves this yoga class at a decent pace - it isn't fast, it isn't slow - and it incorporates sun salutations, warrior poses, halfmoon, twists and a lengthy savasana.

Click here to go to Day 9's beginner class


Day 9Morning Wake-Up and Flow!, 20:00, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

In this brand-new class, Fiji helps you break through the Monday morning blues with vigor, strength, power and focus. Wake-up and feel great with this power yoga flow!

Click here to go to Day 9's intermediate class

Day 10

Day 10 - Do Yoga With Me challengeHatha Yoga on the Ground, 16:19, Anastasia Hangemanole
Difficulty: Beginner

From Melissa's hatha flow to energize we move into Anastasia's more gentle, shorter hatha yoga class that will help you calm, relax and stretch deeply. She moves at a gentle pace and moves through a series of poses that stretch the legs, hips and lower back.

Click here to go to Day 10's beginner class

Day 10 Open Your Hips and Fly, 50:54, Crista Shillington
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Full of positive energy and challenging poses, this class will not only open your hips, it will open your shoulders and legs and teach you refreshing approaches to common poses.

Click here to go to Day 10's intermediate class

Da y 11

Day 11Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back, 47:32, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

We bring the energy down to the ground with this deeply satisfying hatha yoga class that spends a lot of time releasing the tight muscles around the lower back, hips and legs. You will find this class very beneficial if you are a runner, athlete, office worker or just need the flexibility. 

Click here to go to Day 11's beginner class


Day 11Loving Yourself, 32:39, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Tracey is a master at weaving heart-felt poetry with a challenging vinyasa flow and this one is all about releasing tightness and sending you away with some self love.

Click here to go to Day 11's intermediate class

Day 12

Day 12Bend and Stretch, 34:50, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Beginner

This class can be the way that you wake up in the morning or how you prepare yourself for a good-night's sleep. Melissa has a way of making you feel energized, nurtured and relaxed all at the same time, while challenging your flexibility and balance in a gentle, encouraging way.

Click here to go to Day 12's beginner class


Day 12Rise and Shine, 35:11, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

This class is the perfect quick, get-the-heart-pumping flow to begin, continue or end your day. It's intense and seems to cover all the bases within such a short amount of time. 

Click here to go to Day 12's intermediate class

Day 13

Day 13Yoga for Inner Strength, 42:31, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Beginner

One of the most fundamental aspects of yoga practice, along with alignment, breathing and awareness, is core stability. On Day 13, Melissa teaches you how to find your inner strength, then teaches you how to incorporate it into a hatha yoga class. Core stability helps you protect and strengthen your lower back so you can move, work, lift and live your life in a way that keeps your spine healthy and strong.

Click here to go to Day 13's beginner challenge


Day 13Nourish Your Soul, 62:45, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Friday brings us Tracey's well-loved full-length class where she slows down the flow, deepens the stretches and helps you feel revitalized and soul-nourished.

Click here to go to Day 13's intermediate challenge

Day 14

Day 14Align, Stabilize and Stretch, 53:32, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

We continue the focus on alignment with David, as he begins with a series of deep releases while lying on your back, then moves you through a challenging flow that emphasizes core strength, stability and proper positioning within all poses that you do. 

Click here to go to Day 14's beginner class


Day 14 intermediatePower Yoga for Shoulder Stability, 62:24, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Even though this class is very challenging, Fiji takes the time to remind you to go slow and establish proper alignment before taking on a difficult pose like an arm balance.

Click here to go to Day 14's intermediate class

Day 15

Day 15 - DYWM 30 days of yogaLove Yourself, 32:42, Nicky Jones
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

We move the attention within with Nicky's popular, instrospective class that helps you feel your body, relax your body and mind and learn to love yourself. It can be a hard thing to do and Nicky's gifted guidance will help you get there.  

Click here to go to Day 15's beginner class


Day 15 Tracey NoseworthyBedtime Vinyasa Yoga, 17:48, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

Note: even though this is a bedtime class, it can be done anytime of the day. Sunday brings us Tracey's sweet, perfect bedtime practice, ensuring that you sleep well before you take on the second half of your 30-day challenge.

Click here to go to Day 15's intermediate class

Day 16

Day 16Bedtime Yin Yoga, 42:02, Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Note: even though this is a bedtime class, it can be done anytime of the day. Although this class is taught in a way that leads you into a good night's rest, it can be done anytime of the day. Sarah's sweet, gentle approach, along with the deeply calming music, will help you reach a wonderful state of calm and peace.

Click here to go to Day 16's beginner class


Day 16Up, Down and All Around, 73:56, Crista Shillington
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

We almost categorized this full-length class as advanced, so get ready to be challenged! It may be a long class but it goes by quickly and energizes you throughout. It's powerful, fun, helps you return to the foundations of each pose and stretches you out throughly.

Click here to go to Day 16's intermediate class

Day 17

Day 17Yoga for the Feet, 26:25, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Right after Sarah-Janes's yin yoga class that prepares you for a good sleep, we dedicate 26 minutes to the part of our bodies we most abuse, our feet. David teaches you how to massage, stretch, strengthen and release the tension in your poor feet.

Click here to go to Day 17's beginner class


Day 17After Work Revitalizer, 15:44, Rachel Scott
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

Day 17 brings you a shorter class, but remarkably thorough and satisfying. Living up to its name, it will help you feel refreshed, relaxed and revitalized.

Click here to go to Day 17's intermediate class

Day 18

Day 18 - 30 days of beginner yogaBreath, Balance and Twists, 57:01, Anastasia Hangemanole
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

With a focus on rhythmic breathing, a slow, deliberate pace and a quiet, calm approach to balance, Anastasia's Breath, Balance and Twists is a nice compliment to David's focus on the feet the previous day. The sequencing is quite meditative and the deep stretching at the end sends you off into a wonderful savasana.

Click here to go to Day 18's beginner class


Day 18 intermediate challengePower Yoga for Motivation, 46:31, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

The mid-week blues can be helped with the motivating words and vinyasa flow of Tracey. Her smooth instruction is complimented with sweet pauses, allowing you to take the class in fully.

Click here to go to Day 18's intermediate class

Day 19

Day 19 Yin Yoga for the Lower Back, 36:30, Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Now we take the focus to only the lower back with a series of deep yin poses. If you are not used to yin yoga, you may want to warm up your body before doing this class. It's great for helping ease muscle pain, stretch your legs, hips and back and release lower back tension.

Click here to go to Day 19's beginner class


Day 19Bend and Bind, 16:22, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

David's clear, precise guidance helps you move through this flow effortlessly, while establishing the fundamentals within challenging poses like arm binds and deeper stretches.

Click here to go to Day 19's intermediate class

Day 20

30 day yoga challenge - day 20Deepening Relaxation, 48:57, Satiya Channer
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Satiya methodically releases muscles through wonderful stretches, focused breathing and deep relaxation. This class will help you recover from the previous 4 classes and their attention to the legs and back. Enjoy this sweetly delicious, nurturing yoga class.

Click here to go to Day 20's beginner class


Day 20 intermediate challenge yogaTwisty Twists, 50:14. Crista Shillington
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

With the motivation you gained from Tracey on Day 18 and the foundation of creating binds with David on Day 19, the transition into a class with Crista will feel just right, as she deepens the twists and challenges you in so many ways.

Click here to go to Day 20's intermediate challenge

Day 21

Day 21Core Strength and Stretch, 54:50, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

The perfect place to access core is through relaxation, which makes this the perfect spot for this class. Core activation is meant to feel effortless - with some initial hard work - and with Melissa's guidance we think you might experience what that feels like. Core strength can mysteriously help all kinds of physical issues, such as sciatica, knees pain and lower back pain. 

Click here to go to Day 21's beginner class


Day 21Prana, Pulse Flow, 63:18, Tianne Allan (formerly Banerd)
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

With perfect pacing and sequencing, Tianne presents another full-length class with a tough flow, including headstand, foot balances, plough and a calmness that is contagious.

Click here to go to Day 21's intermediate class

Day 22

Day 22Yin Yoga for the Shoulders, 34:09, Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Beginner

If releasing your shoulders makes you happy, you'll find this class heavenly. Sarah-Jane adds a meditative quality with her deep breathing and covers a remarkable range around the shoulder joints, helping you release all tension around the shoulders, neck and upper back.

Click here to go to Day 22's beginner class


Day 22Breaking Down Barriers, 40:48, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Tracey has a way of pushing your boundaries that feel both challenging and satifisfying. Day 22 is all about breaking them down, with an intentional vinyasa flow that helps release the hips, legs and shoulders.

Click here to go to Day 22's intermediate class

Day 23

Day 23Yoga for Sciatica Relief, 41:50, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

From the shoulders, we move on to a source of pain that is way too common, sciatica. This may just be the best class you will find for relief from sciatic pain. This class is remarkably thoroughly too, so you will find benefits as an athlete, office worker, nurse, musician, student or trades person.

Click here to go to Day 23's beginner class


Day 23 intermediateVinyasa for Vitality, 19:46, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

No matter how much time she has, Fiji seems to hit all the right spots. Join her in this beautiful forest class, designed to build heat and energy and release your tight spots. 

Click here to go to Day 23's intermediate class

Day 24

Day 24Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow, 17:39, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

After the intensity of David's Yoga for Sciatica, your body will appreciate the slow movement of this hatha flow class with Melissa. It progresses gradually before moving into poses that require more attention and focus, allowing you to move with a more meditative state of mind and with more attention to detail.

Click here to go to Day 24's beginner class


Day 24Sacred Expansion, 73:45, Ron Stewart
Difficulty: Intermediate

Ron's beautiful imagery is one reason why he's so popular and he shines in this brilliant yoga class. Ron helps deepen your understanding of the role of breath in yoga.  

Click here to go to Day 24's intermediate class

Day 25

Day 25Kundalini Yoga for Beginners, 78:39, Dawn Rabey
Difficulty: Beginner

If you have never done kundalini yoga, this is a great introduction. If you have, this is a great way to re-experience the fundamentals, open up the kundalini channels and wake up a tired mind and body. It's perfect after a sleep class, since it's so invigorating and energizing.

Click here to go to Day 25's beginner class


Day 25Feel the Love, 43:23, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Intermediate

Full of positive energy and love, this class opens you up from head to toe, particularly the spine, shoulders and heart. Tracey's guidance will soothe and nurture you.

Click here to go to Day 25's intermediate class

Day 26

Day 26A Yin Practice, 28:27, Satiya Channer
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Yin is a nice way to enjoy the energy that you woke up from the kundalini class. It can be surprisingly challenging, making Satiya's calm voice such a pleasure to listen to. Enjoy the depth of what you will experience in this class.

Click here to go to Day 26's beginner class


Day 26Hip Flexor Heaven, 35:30, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

This class is wonderful if you have tight hip flexors (psoas and quadriceps) and is great for athletes, office workers and anyone who want to improve range of motion in backbends.

Click here to go to Day 26's intermediate class

Day 27

Day 27Challenging Beginner Hatha Yoga, 33:13, Ron Stewart
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

Ron takes it up a notch with this challenging beginner hatha yoga class. His classes feel playful, creative and hard, all at the same time. This class covers the body in a thorough way, including forward bends, back bends, twists and plenty of hip, hamstring and lower back stretches.

Click here to go to Day 27's beginner class


Day 27Birds of a Feather, 36:12, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

After you're done stretching out your hip flexors with David, Fiji's there to guide you through a fun vinyasa flow that integrates three bird-related poses - crow, or crane, pigeon and eagle pose. Get ready to fly like a bird!

Click here to go to Day 27's intermediate class

Day 28

Day 28Kundalini Yoga for the Root Chakra, 29:41, Dawn Rabey
Difficulty: Beginner

Moving into the final days of your beginner 30-day yoga challenge may require some grounding, rest and relaxation. Day 28 is all about grounding, and connecting with the energy of the root chakra, or mula bandha. Dawn's guidance is gentle, clear and precise, helping you settle the energy in your body and mind.

Click here to go to Day 28's beginner class


Day 28Expand Your Horizons, 40:07, Tracey Noseworthy
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate

Day 28 of our 30-day intermediate yoga challenge features Tracey's inspirational class that encourages you to push your boundaries in balanced, joyful way. It will challenge your shoulder strength and balance and the vinyasa flow just might make you sweat! Note: This is the last class that is considered challenging intermediate.

Click here to go to Day 28's intermediate class

Day 29

Day 29Yoga for Inner Acceptance, 34:38, David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Now we move toward inner exploration and rest. Today's class uses relaxation and meditation to settle deep into the inner psyche, encouraging you to let go of the different layers of what makes you who you are. After establishing an authentic connection to your inner experience you can learn to accept, love and nourish yourself.

Click here to go to Day 29's beginner class


Day 29 - Yoga 30 day challengeChakra Flow, 43:10, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Intermediate

Beginning with a gentle flow, Fiji takes time to move into more challenging poses, such as dancer's pose and half moon, while always keeping focussed on prana and the chakra system. Moving toward the end of the 30-day challenge, we're winding down toward day 30, which will be more restful and rejuvenating. 

Click here to go to Day 29's intermediate class

Day 30

Day 30Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep, 39:54, Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Our final class has Melissa guiding you toward a deep sleep (or a peaceful beginning to your day) with this wonderfully calming, sweetly relaxing, gentle hatha yoga class. She'll spend time on your spine with bends and twists, she'll release your hips and legs and she even shows you how to massage your feet.

Click here to go to Day 30's beginner class


Day 30Renew and Restore I, 50:19, Fiji McAlpine
Difficulty: Gentle Intermediate

We finish the 30-day Intermediate Yoga Challenge with the wonderful Fiji and a perfect balance of a vinyasa yoga flow and a deeply restful restorative yoga sequence. It's the ideal class to complete your 30 days of yoga!

Click here to go your Day 30 intermediate class



I am almost through with 30
lmourey 2 months ago

I am almost through with 30 days intermediate challenge and it has been a fantastic journey! I was forced to stop due to a ruptured ACL and meniscus followed by surgery and it was difficult getting back into the practice as I was lacking proper motivation to practice every day as I always practice from home and my knee was not as flexible as previously- sitting back on my heels was impossible at first. Thanks to this motivating challenge due to different classes ranging from gentle to challenging intermediate with a variety of times I am looking forward to each days new class.
Slowly my body is getting back to its previous flexibility and I absolutely love it ! Planning to continue with Fijis 14 day challenge right after. Thank you for keeping these challenges up

30 Day Challenge
roadsofa 4 months ago

Thank you for leaving the 30 day challenge up. I did the intermediate level and feel like I've conquered the world. I'm going to do it again, this time alternating between beginner and intermediate.

30 Day Challenge
Emanpo 4 months ago

This is my second time working through the 30 day challenge and I love it! It's amazing to see how much stronger and flexible you can become in just 30 days of practice. I was lost on what videos I should try after completing the 30 day challenge (and then Fiji's 14 day challenge), so I started again from the beginning. The movement from one class to the next is fantastic. I love the mix of teachers and the variability day to day, Thanks so much for leaving this challenge up for us to enjoy!

30 day challenge
donna marie 5 months ago

I completed the beginner 30 day challenge and it was great. I learned a lot and feel fab. I'm now a subscriber!

30 Day Challenge
janets63 5 months ago

What a wonderful 30 day experience this has been for me! My body feels stronger internally and externally. The second portion of the 30 days was were I started feeling a difference, maybe a better appreciate and love of the practice. Another great attribute was that I experienced new teachers, I would always tend to follow the same ones. Thank you for putting this challenge together. Namaste :)

Excellent 30 Day Challenge
Emanpo 5 months ago

I'm 2/3 through this Yoga Challenge and have loved every minute of it! The program has helped me schedule time for yoga into my daily routine. I followed the intermediate videos and found there to be a great range of gentle classes to very challenging classes. Thanks for the great challenge!

Thank you so much
Helen Alford 6 months ago

I just wanted to thank you for making this available. I can't afford a yoga class right now and dropped my practice due to lack of money and self discipline! I used to do ashtanga yoga but have really enjoyed starting at the beginning and running through the beginners challenge. Actually taking it slowly, building up flexibility and strength while really being able to take the time to listen to my body has been wonderful. Although gentle it's surprising the difference it's made to my body and mind. I plan next to work through the intermediate challenge and then begin my ashtanga practice again.

Neck "crunch"
meadowlander 6 months ago

I just completed day 8 and have enjoyed the neck stretches quite a bit. I was in a rear-end collision accident in November and still have very "crunchy" movement in my neck which I can feel and hear every time I turn my head. I am hopeful that continued practice of the neck stretches I've learned will ultimately provide smoother, less inflamed movement! Looking forward to the remainder of the 30-day challenge!

experiencing choppy videos
reishilibra 6 months ago

I have been doing the yoga challenge since the 1st of January and am almost done!! It's only been in the past few days that the videos have not been working for me. They are choppy, get stuck for minutes at a time, and I have tried to pause and load, but that doesn't work either....I will try to lower the resolution. I have been using this site for years and never had this problem! Also my netflix and other streaming sites work fine, so im not sure what the problem is :(

Besides that, I absolutely love and am so grateful to have these online classes available, as financially I cannot make it to studio classes right now. I don't know what I would do without this site! Forever Grateful <3

Re: choppy videos
David Procyshyn 6 months ago

Hi, there. Sorry about the videos pausing. It can be frustrating when you're in the middle of a class!
Have you tried using a different browser? That fixes the problem most of the time.
All the best,

30 day challenge
SalZora 6 months ago

Thanks you so much for keeping the 30 day challenge online! I wasn't able to do it in January. Just started now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

Back for another round
terriblemonde 6 months ago

Thank you so much for putting together the 30-day challenge. I wasn't looking for something like this in the new year, but I'm glad I happened upon it. It has really made me feel so much better physically and emotionally. Now I'm back for a second month - this time I'll go the beginner route! Many thanks.

Day 3 of 30-Day Challenge...
Berkswell Bird 6 months ago

Another wonderful class. I love all the classes - they are so clear and easy to follow, without having to look up at the screen all the time to check if you're doing it right! Yet led in a calm, minimalist style with no unnecessary talking. DYWM class approach/style is why I got into yoga in the first place, many years ago - calm, experienced, genuine, uplifting. The 30-Day Challenge is such a great idea - it is getting me back into yoga practice after over a year's lapse, and having a class to practise every day is keeping me focused and on-track. Thank you, DYWM.

Thank you so much for the 30
clgangi 6 months ago

Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge. It was lovely to spend a part of each day just for me. I did the beginner challenge, but plan to do the intermediate challenge in the near future. I loved experiencing different teachers, different styles and trying out classes I never would have tried otherwise.

My mom recommended this and I
MelRu 6 months ago

My mom recommended this and I am on Day 1 today. Will the page be up for the next month? Thank you!

30-Day Yoga Challenge Feedback
David Procyshyn 6 months ago

I just want to take a moment to let everyone know that we appreciate this feedback. It's fantastic. We spent a lot of time carefully building this challenge in a way that we thought would create an amazing experience for you and we've been receiving a lot of positive feedback.

On another note, we have two programs that we are launching today that are great follow-ups to the 30-day challenge that you did, whether beginner or intermediate. So stay tuned!

Loved the Challenge!!!
scroggleggs 6 months ago

Thanks for this year's challenge. I was able to stick with it every day and my practice is stronger and more authentic because of it. What an inspiration. This site has incredibly talented instructors and I am ever grateful to have them at my disposal at home, at work, on travel ... anywhere! It is truly a gift to my spirit.

Rachel15 6 months ago

I've so enjoyed the last 30 days and feel much stronger physically and mentally. I'm a bit lost now it's over. Perhaps i'll just start again from the beginning? :)

Amazing 30 day challenge -
AmyAdams 6 months ago

Amazing 30 day challenge - thank you so much for taking the time to put this together for all of us yogi's - so kind. This website has been my higher power when in need.. I love it. I will repeat the beginner challenge starting today and hopefully work up to do the intermediate challenge! I can see more flexibility while doing the practise each day! Thank you again! I bow to you :)

Thank you!
Courtneyg 6 months ago

The 30-day challenge was such a great way to start 2017. It was wonderful to try new classes and see the calm that regular practice has brought into my day. More than once I found unexpected tears as emotions and tension released during a pose, and as time went on I was able to find my smile more often during difficult poses. I am really grateful for this challenge, so thank you for putting it together and maintaining the website so we could use it.

Neita 6 months ago

Thank you for this Challenge. For me, it has truly been transformative. I feel that I finally "get it" as to what yoga is all about. I now start my day with yoga. Not only is my mind calmer, but my mood is brighter and my body feels so much better. I can't believe how tight my body has been all these years. I've purchased one of your programs and look forward to actually using it. Through this Challenge, I learned that I do much better having a series of classes laid out for me, rather than cherry-picking ones. I was exposed to poses, sequences, and styles that I never would have tried otherwise, but they were so beneficial for me. Namaste!

Thank you
sarah.broad 6 months ago

I have really enjoyed this 30 day challenge, trying out new teachers and styles of yoga. Thank for taking the time to put this together.

thank you so much!
Kat Colorado 6 months ago

How incredible that these first 30 days of the year are already over. I did yoga every single day and often these minutes and hours were the highlight of my day. Sometimes it was hard to find the time but I was always so glad that I managed to take a break from the rest of life and just be on the mat. I am very grateful for this challenge and I will try to do the intermediate one now too, I feel ready for it.

Sarah NN3 6 months ago

The 30-day challenge has been a huge blessing for me. Thank you so much! I've been able to see just how wonderfully yoga can fit into my days, enriching my body and mind. This challenge has shown me how to fit yoga in on days when I would have thought there wasn't enough time.

Going forward, it would be super useful if you could add in the more descriptive levels as you have during the challenge (such as breaking intermediate down into gentle intermediate, intermediate, and challenging intermediate). That would make it much easier to decide which of your great videos to do an any given day.

I look forward to going back though and completing the few intermediate videos I missed in days when I felt the need to do the Beginners video instead. This challenge also gave me a few new great videos that I hadn't tried before. Again, thank you for the 30-day challenge!!

30 day challenge
Melissa W 6 months ago

This has been a fantastic way to start 2017, thank you. The daily email has really helped me to keep on track - I hope I can keep going without that prompt. Wonderful teachers and beautiful practices, though most poses named after birds or fish seemed to elude me - so far!

30 days of joy!
Ronne 6 months ago

Thank you so much for this challenge. I've just completed the last class with Fiji. It's been an absolute pleasure. I can't believe that I've achieved this. Every day I've come to the mat with a smile. I've challenged myself and have progressed in poses. Thank you to all the teachers for their grace and wisdom. Namaste.

This challenge has been
Dennette 6 months ago

This challenge has been amazing. I am a little behind with your classes b/c I some days I attend classes and have my own home practice but have been doing asana everyday since Jan 2nd. The email reminder has been wonderful. The caliber of your teachers is top notch.... I wish you weren't so far away from me.

I just now started my 30 day
creek 6 months ago

I just now started my 30 day to get back into yoga after a long lazy stretch. I had to stop it 3/4 of the way through I was so annoyed. Melissa tends to run her sentences into one word so that I had to keep breaking pose to observe what she was doing. Doing any part of the routine on my knees is also impossible and I was not given an alternative. I did start by watching the video before beginning but it is an hour long and having to devote 2 hrs to a session is more than I can set aside. I'll just go back to David's beginner sessions for seniors where I belong. Oh well.

Thank you so much for
LisaBrez 6 months ago

Thank you so much for offering this, David. I fell off in the middle of the month due to travel, and now am back on practice. I'm so glad you'll leave this up to restart in February. Every day I feel better and better. Namaste!

Twisty twists and high kicks!
katfish 7 months ago

Christa is officially my new favourite instructor - until tomorrow :-) The 30 day challenge is so good for discovering new classes and instructors - I would never have picked this one out myself and now I want to do it everyday! Its also good to discover that its actually better to do a 15 class every day than a 90 min class twice a week. Thank you David for putting this together - wonderful!

Will This Section Remain?
Eyelids 7 months ago

Will the 30-Day Challenge be up for use past the 30 days? I have been excited to do this, but due to a training injury, I have just begun on day one and it's currently the 16th.

Continue after 30 days please!
nipper 7 months ago

Runner/cyclist in her 60s. In the past did sporadic doyogawithme on off days. This has been a revelation into how good you can feel doing yoga every day. I love the surprise of finding my new yoga class selected for me each day- I so look forward to it. Please continue after 30 days so we can look forward to a surprise in our lives- a good one!

30 day challenge
jeannecrane 7 months ago

Really enjoying the challenge. I was skeptical at first that I would be motivated to practice every day, but day 11 and every morning I am enthused to do the class. Also find that the consistency is allowing my old joints and muscles to move more freely and achieve poses I have avoided previously.

Thank you for this gift
Beli 7 months ago

I am really thankful for this challenge. I love trying different teachers, lengths, poses and styles every day, and I am trying to do both the intermediate and beginners levels every day when I can. It´s keeping me motivated and, although I have been following your classes for more than two years, I can already feel the difference that it´s making for my mind and body. I have also done Fiji´s 14 day a couple of times and enjoy it a lot as well, so thank you again.

Day 2 Intermediate
juliew16 7 months ago

Hello - I started the challenge late. I went to do day 2 intermediate - Tracey Noseworthy Love, Love, Love. It won't allow me to find it and it seems to have disappeared! I have done that class before and it's amazing but was wondering if anybody else was having this problem? Thanks in advance and thank you so much for providing this challenge x

all fixed
juliew16 7 months ago

It seems to have come back = I kept getting the 403 forbidden message all afternoon but it has fixed itself!

Thank You!
chelsiecrook 7 months ago

I cannot thank you enough for this 30-day Challenge. Week one has left me feeling stronger, more calm, and ready for more. Today's workout almost didn't happen for me, but knowing there was a schedule to keep me made me find the time. I've been reminded again about the importance of making time for myself. Thank you for doing this!

beccac 7 months ago

Loving these classes! Often have trouble working out what classes I should do and when so thank you for this challenge, it's great for keeping me on track!
I've never taken an official class - scarce to come by in Scotland - so I absolutely love your website, thank you so much for all you do and Namaste. <3

Loving the 30-day challenge
terriblemonde 7 months ago

I started a couple of days late, but am already feeling the benefits. I agree with some posters that it would be very helpful to have a way to mark off the classes I've taken and keep a personal log on my notes for the class. As I didn't start on the 1st, I can't just match the day to my calendar. Perhaps this is a feature you can add in the future to the paid subscription (understanding that enhancements cost money to develop).

Thanks for all that you do.

Loading Problems
DeeCoop 7 months ago

Sadly I may be unable to complete today's. I have never had problems with video's loading until yesterday's and today's Yesterday, I hit pause and within a minute was able to continue. Today at 12:42 this video stops and even with a 10 minute pause it won't work. Interrupts the flow and the mood so think i will just do the last pose on the other side to even out and call it quits on this one. Been using this site for a couple years now and this is the only time I've had problems with video :(

Loading problems: lower the video resolution
lindaswany 7 months ago

I experienced the same thing. I think DoYogaWithMe's servers are getting a lot of traffic, especially on the weekends and evenings. One thing that helped for me is to lower the resolution of the video and don't make it full screen.
Click the "HD" in the lower right of the video and select the lowest number, "270p".
Hope this helps!

Loading problem
David Procyshyn 7 months ago

I'm sorry to hear that. One thing you can do to ensure that the video plays through is pause the video at the beginning for a few minutes to allow it to load. You could also use a different browser next time. That often fixes the problem right away.

I just saw this challenge
jazzoul 7 months ago

I just saw this challenge since the email was sent to spam and I had not realized this. I wonder if I can still join and have acces to the last classes after January which would probably be the first week of February?

Challenge available after January
David Procyshyn 7 months ago

Absolutely. The 30-Day Challenge will be available after January.

Wonderful! Thank you, already
jazzoul 7 months ago

Wonderful! Thank you, already started day 1 and loving it. Thanks for the challenge :-)

Day 6 - Beginner
clgangi 7 months ago

Thank you for the 30 day challenge. My husband and I are doing it together, and we're really enjoying it. Loved today's class with Sarah-Jane. I teared up at the end, the release from the practice felt so good. Just what I needed today!