Build Your Resilience Intermediate 30-Day Yoga Challenge


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This 30-Day Challenge helps you build a strong, daily practice, beginning with gentle vinyasa classes and progressing toward more challenging vinyasa flows. Classes are all 10-30 minutes during the week, 40-60 minutes on the weekend.

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Ask questions and share with your community in the Build Your Resilience forum thread.

5% of the proceeds will be donated to Friends of the Earth.

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I really enjoy the challenge
Misa LP 8 hours ago

This is a great set of practices. With a job and two little children the short classes during the week work well for me, I wouldn’t be able to fit in more, though I’d love to. Weekends are a challenge for me with the longer class and sometimes kiddies cut me shorter but it’s okay. I’m still grateful!

Great challenge

I love the shorter week day classed and I’m so glad you structured it this way. It’s too much with long classes every day and then I would end up just giving up because I couldn’t keep up with it. I’m already planning to start the challenge all over again next month!

seize the moment
Boug 1 week ago

just finished Tracy's seize the moment. There's no link to click for the challenge. Great Class. I seem to be a day ahead - think I started on New Years Eve

Classes are too short
doubletwizzle 1 week ago

I am loving doing a yoga practice every day, however, less than 30 minutes of yoga isn't enough for me to feel that I have completed a practice. Wish the weekday classes were at least 30 minutes long. Every day this week, after the practice of the day was completed I felt like I needed more and had to do another class. I understand that people have busy schedules during the week but I wish the classes were 10-15 minutes longer. I don't feel very challenged by this challenge.

Why not combine two classes
Ored 1 week ago

Why not combine two classes if the one class isn't long enough?

Re: Combining classes
doubletwizzle 1 week ago

Yes, as I stated originally I have been adding a second class, however this is less than ideal since each class follows a progression through warmup, practice, and savasana. I was providing feedback that I would have preferred longer classes.

Favorite challenge
Culpritsmom 1 week ago

I’ve enjoyed all the challenges I have done but this one is my current favorite. Thanks for creating these!

not able to log Christa's Day 9 class
ama1031 1 week ago

Good morning, thank you for Christa's delightful spirit on the mat today. Maybe it is just my browser, but I was not able to log the challenge. Have a super day.

new to the challenge
lenapaca 1 week ago

I have just subscribed to the challenged and i am thinking whether it is best to start from Day 9 or Day 1? I was planning to start on the 1st of Jan, but got very ill. I am just getting better now and looking forward for Yoga to provide more good healthy energy into the 2019

Re: new to the challenge
David Procyshyn 1 week ago

It would be best to begin with Day 1, since the challenge was created to progress in that way. If you would like to enter the contest draw, the buttons will be removed a few days after each class is posted, so you could jump forward just to enter.

thank you David ! I am trying
lenapaca 1 week ago

thank you David ! I am trying to catch up doing several classes a day :)

So far, so good!! :)
Laura Nixon 2 weeks ago

Thanks for adjusting the week day duration times to something shorter! This is the first time I've felt like a 30 day challenge is feasible for fitting mat time in every single day! :) Hamstrings are appreciative!

I am loving the shorter
kszakolczai1022 2 weeks ago

I am loving the shorter classes during the week and longer classes on weekends. As a person with a long commute and sometimes longer than 8-hour work days, this challenge makes it realistic for me to complete.

I second this!
duroc017 1 week ago

I also am very grateful for the shorter classes during the weeks as someone who also tends to have longer than 8 hour works days on a regular basis. Makes the challenge much more approachable.

How long are the classes available?
A.Martin 2 weeks ago

Loving the challenge so far! Thank you! I may take longer than the 30 days to do this because of a crazy work schedule - will these classes remain available to me beyond the 30 days? I only subscribed to the challenge.

Re: How long are the classes available?
David Procyshyn 1 week ago

Great to hear! Yes, the challenge will remain up and will be available to you after the 30 days are done.

New challange
Druidcat497 2 weeks ago

This is such a fun way to get out of my strong desire for winter hibernation, work on poses I know, add some new poses and see where I need to work a little harder or longer. Best of all, it's great fun! Thank you!

Resilience challenge
jwgrigri 2 weeks ago

I have only done 2 days so far and I am finding it fantastic. I love the challenge of these new and intense Fiji classes! A great way to start off the new year. Looking forward to day 3.
Beautiful, thank you.

Lovely class, relaxing and energising, thank you!
helenfrancineph... 2 weeks ago

Lovely class, relaxing and energising, thank you!

So much love in this
Dennette 2 weeks ago

So much love in this wonderful short class. Loved it!

View full program ahead of time?
greerzimm 2 weeks ago

Hi! I might just be missing something, but is there a way to see all 30 classes at once? it'd be helpful for planning. I can only find the full description for days 1-3.



Re: View full program ahead of time?
David Procyshyn 2 weeks ago

Hi Greer.
Nope, you're not missing anything. We've set this up so that the classes appear daily. If you live in North America it should give you one or two days notice.