Peak Pose: Bow with Rachel Scott


Intermediate | 4 classes

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Note: Our peak pose challenges are meant to be flexible, allowing you to do each class when it suits you and feels right. For example, you can do classes back-to-back on the same day or leave two or three days in between. It's totally up to you. You won't be doing the peak pose until the final class.


Bow pose (dhanurasana) is a deep, satisfying backbend the involves your entire body. The strength that is required to stabilize, lift and lengthen is a key aspect of this posture, while the flexibility allows you to more easily move into the backbend without compromising your back. Rachel takes time with each element, ensuring that you have established them fully before attempting a series of gradually deepening backbends that lead to the peak pose.

Pre-Challenge Preparation

It's important to understand how to properly engage your core before moving into backbends. If you are uncertain how to do this, go to our program Establish Your Core Stability and Strength and do at least the first three classes before moving onto this peak pose challenge. 

Class 1

Day 1Bow Pose: Core Strength 54:05
Difficulty: Intermediate
Props: None

In class #1, Rachel dives right into core activation, stability and alignment as she takes you through an invigorating hatha yoga flow class that takes you into camel pose (ustrasana), your first backbend as you make your way toward bow pose in class #4.

Class 2

Day 2Bow Pose: Hip Flexor Release 42:05
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate
Props: None

Class #2 takes you into some deep stretches for the hip flexors, which are key muscles that can prevent the pelvis from tilting back, when they are tight. If the pelvis can't tilt back effectively, the lower back will be forced to take on most of the back bend, putting too much pressure there. Releasing the hip flexors is a crucial part of preparing for backbends like bow pose and dancer's pose (natarajasana), the peak pose for this class. 

Class 3

Class 3Bow Pose: Open the Shoulders 30:03
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate
Props: None

In class #3 the peak posture is locust pose (salabhasana), which is one step away from bow, and in this class Rachel zeroes in on releasing the muscles around the shoulder joints, allowing you to more easily reach back to hold your feet. This will complete the full-body approach to bow pose - building up core strength and stability, stretching the hip flexors and opening the shoulders - and allowing you to feel ready for the peak pose in class #4. 

Class 4

Class 4Bow Pose: Ready for the Peak! 52:02
Difficulty: Challenging Intermediate
Props: None

Rachel finishes the challenge with a bang, as she takes you through a thorough, full body hatha yoga class that strengthens and releases the same key muscle groups that you focused on in the previous three classes. As expected, the peak pose in the class is the glorious bow pose (dhanurasana), and when you get there your body will feel so ready that it will be crazy with anticipation!

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