Our Story

From Small Beginnings…

DoYogaWithMe began in 2008 with a video camera and a dream to provide free yoga to the world. Over the next decade, David watched DoYogaWithMe grow from a few thousand visitors a year to over a million, and people all over the planet are now enjoying the benefits of online yoga.

Who Are We Now?

DoYogaWithMe is owned by two brothers who are passionate about giving what they can to the world. David and Sean Procyshyn create and curate all of the content, manage the business and maintain the website. They have built a team of talented yoga teachers and support people, all who believe in the vision.

The DoYogaWithMe Mission

Our mission is to provide the world with high quality, free yoga online.

We want to provide a safe place for you to learn how to do yoga, feel better and maybe even experience something transformative. We built this site around you, your needs and what you love. We are always listening and strive to deliver the best content that we can.

We also work diligently to stay true to the purpose of yoga by being honest, real and open. We run our business with honesty as our guiding principle. We choose teachers who have similar core values, and this has created not only a cohesive team but a strong friendship among all who are involved in this labor of love. We recognize that our fabulous teachers are our greatest resource, so we treat them with the love and respect they deserve, which translates into a site that feels like a community, like a movement of people who share a common goal.

Our Freemium Model

We feel that an essential element to binding our community is easy access to high-quality yoga online. Hence, the freemium model. You can play any video or meditation and participate in any program or challenge without a plus sign on it without creating a profile or paying a penny. To maintain the quality and free aspect of our site, we also offer exclusive content. By subscribing for $13.99 per month (or $108.99 per year), you not only gain access to our premium content, but you also allow millions of users who can’t afford it, to continue to better their lives through the power of yoga.

Our Commitment To Our Community

Our promise to you is to never charge for our free content. As long as Sean and David are running the show, the content that is currently free on our site will always be free. We will also continue to create both high quality free and subscriber-only content, forever, featuring instructors who are highly experienced and skilled. We will always be present on the site, monitoring comments and helping you resolve any questions or issues. We are here for you!

In Conclusion

We hope that our mission and core values resonate with you and what you want from a community that focuses on health and well being. We hope that it resonates so much that you join one of our programs or challenges or begin a discussion with our community in our forum. We are here for you and want you to get the best out of what we have to offer.

Thank you, namaste, and we’ll see you on your mat!

David, Sean and the DoYogaWithMe Team