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What Our Users Have To Say

I want to write in sincere appreciation of the entire DoYogaWithMe community. After finishing David's video "Relaxing Deeply" today, I felt enormous gratitude to all the incredible instructors, subscribers, and users of this site.

Being able to have the convenience at home, high quality instructors, a phenomenal range of yoga types and levels (especially restorative, yin, hatha, kundalini - some of these don't seem as readily available near me), and community commentary to help understand the benefits of each video - it's truly a blessing!

I love David's deep release videos!! I don't know how I feel like I get a deep tissue massage afterwards.Overall I just wanted to say thank you! I am so grateful to have found this resource for living a more peaceful, mindful, gracious, and compassionate life.

Thank you with all my heart.

Tali, Nanny - USA

I have practiced yoga for 20 years, but recently for financial reasons decided to stop going to my class. I discovered Do Yoga With Me and just wanted to say a huge thank you, for offering for FREE so many wonderful classes. Your site has allowed me to continue my practice and I regularly do 3-4 classes a week via the site.

I think it is wonderful that you allow people to access classes with no charge and I look forward to joining up fully once my financial situation is back to normal.

Many thanks

Dianne, Holistic Therapist - UK

I must say I was hesitating a little to take online yoga classes. However, after searching several sites I found this one and got registered. This was my first class online and I can only tell that my expectations were exceeded.

The level of knowledge of this instructor made me feel more connected than with traditional yoga in a studio.

And you have the bonus of choosing the yoga that suits you that day.

Erica, Medical Doctor - Brazil

This platform has changed my life in the last 3 months or so as it has enabled me to practice consistently. I am amazed by the content on this website.

Tracey Noseworthy's spiritual guided commentary and flows has left a mark on the way I approach this practice. Fiji McAlpine's flows and movements are one of kind, I am not that experienced in my practice but for me personally I can say "Yummy", "Rise and Shine", and others are without a doubt some of the best flows I have ever seen. Sarah-Jane Steele, Rachel Scott, and Crista Shillington are also great teachers and I look forward to learning more from their videos.

I wanted to say thank you and that the content on here is incredible. I plan on buying access and subscribing when I am not a broke post-grad and I look forward to continuing DoYogaWithMe.

Daniel, Postgrad - USA

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SITE! It's so well thought out and really goes deep into deeper meanings of yoga. I avoided doing yoga for years, because I didn't want to be around other people doing it... and never really found online videos that worked for me.

Almost all the instructors on this site are absolutely amazing. Fiji, Satiya, and David are my favorites. Seriously... so much thought went into this site and it is very VERY much appreciated. And it's also great that most of the site is free.... I would love to become a subscriber and donate what I could monthly. Maybe one day I will be able to do that.

I have learned so much with Do Yoga With Me and I tell people all the time about it.

And THANK YOU for the 30 day YOGA challenge... I SOOOOOO needed (need) that. Really, David and whoever else put this together... thank you <3


Trenda, Herbalist - Thailand

On Our Instructors

David Procyshyn

David Procyshyn's instruction is clear and easy to follow and seems to be an answer to my prayers. I am SO grateful!!

Abby, Human Resources - Iowa, USA

For a month or so I have been working to rehabilitate my spine after a serious misalignment problem and have benefited significantly from David's thoughtful classes focused on stretching the back and improving strength and flexibility of hips and hamstrings.

Peter, Lawyer - Connecticut, USA
Fiji McAlpine

Fiji McAlpine is the quintessential yoga master. Her technique, her instruction, her voice, her encouragement all come together to provide the most perfect program.

Badeha, Master Esthetician - Virgina, USA

Fiji is an incredible teacher and by far my favorite - because of her I have started measuring an online yoga teacher's ability to teach by how often I have to look up. Her verbal cues are just so clear.

Thanks again, and keep doing what you are doing!

Leah, Athletic Trainer - Vermont, USA

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