“This person that I am talking to is boring.”

“My father was mean to me.”

“I wish my husband expressed his love or me more often.”

“I no longer want this person to be my friend.”

“I’m sorry that I hurt you.”

Today’s Sacred Principle of Yoga is Satya - the principle of truthfulness, living in integrity, speaking your truth, being authentic and not lying to yourself and others.

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever spent just one hour paying close attention to everything you say, simply to make sure that it lined up with your truth?

For many people - myself included - it’s often difficult even to honor simple, basic cravings or deeply felt feelings. I love chocolate. I enjoy and want sex. I love eating popcorn and watching 30 Rock. I don’t like my girlfriend’s dog. I like to be alone. These are my truths, and there are many more that are even more difficult to say out loud.

What do you risk when you make it your own personal goal to always speak your truth? You may create awkwardness. You may create conflict. You may lose some friends. However, you many also dissolve awkwardness, lessen conflict and gain a very close friend (or two!).

This is because the biggest risk is that you truly expose yourself. You express that which makes you feel deeply vulnerable. And that is really, really hard!

But, the more you live the life of Satya, the more you hold yourself with ease, the greater you understand yourself and the more you observe others with empathy. More people with similar values will gravitate to you, which will in turn make it easier to speak your truth.

Try it now. Make it your intention to spend the next 24 hours speaking only what feels true to you.

Be authentic.

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