Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge - Intermediate

30 days | 30 classes
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Welcome to our Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge. You've arrived at the intermediate version of this challenge. If you are looking for the beginner version, click here.

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UmaK 1 year ago

I just finished this 30 day challenge, great teachers, & amazing classes. I throughly enjoyed doing these sessions. Thanks very much David for allowing my bursary for this session . I am now a paid subscriber and hope to continue with you for a long time!

Yours in good health, Uma.

gpageau1 3 years ago

I’ve been donating to DYWM for at least a year every month. I used to have access to these challenges and now I have to subscribe :(

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Wow, that's very generous of you. I would be happy to give you free access to our subscriber content. Send us a message through our Contact page and refer to this comment.

disisd 3 years ago

Is the 30 day challenge only for subscribers? thanks

David Procyshyn 3 years ago

Hi there. Yes, this 30 day challenge is only for subscribers. The Transform Your Life 30 Day Challenge is free for everyone.

Operatic Yogi 3 years ago

Hi, I'm having an issue accessing Day 25's class. I receive a 403 error that says I'm unable to access the class. Help!

isanidd 3 years ago

Thank you for a great selection of classes! The 30-day challenge is so motivating. Love the whole idea of a yoga community challenge :-) #yogaeveryday

mytime 3 years ago

Off to a great start with day 1! I really enjoyed this class