Yoga Program Insights: Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Step 1: BE REAL

This is the 1st in a series of video blog posts that are designed to help you better understand the various yoga programs on our site. This video focuses on our program that helps people who are experiencing chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

In video one, below, David talks about the important first step in working with chronic stress, anxiety and depression: honesty. He talks about why it's such a difficult challenge to take on, and why it has the potential to shift your experience of yourself in a powerful way.

Being real requires that you dedicate yourself to total, vulnerable, absolute honesty from this day forward. It demands that you remain diligently aware and mindful of how you feel, think, judge and live your life in every moment of every day. You, of course, will have set-backs and may find it very hard to do, but this is only the beginning. This will build, grow and gain momentum.

Even though you may think that nothing is happening at first, the mindfulness that you cultivate now will gradually pierce through the reality behind your stress, anxiety and depression.

Watch the video for more on this topic, go to the program to try it out and go to our forum to ask questions and share your experience.