7-Day Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Challenge

Intermediate/Advanced | 7 days | 1 class/day


This 7-Day Yoga Challenge provides intermediate to advanced students the opportunity to challenge themselves to a full week of dedicated practice. Incorporating classes from Tracey, Fiji, Rachel, Ron and Crista, this challenge will help intermediate students push their boundaries and provide advanced students an opportunity to reconnect with their fundamentals. These classes are all between 45 and 70 minutes long, so carve out the necessary time and be prepared to sweat!

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Paulette9 1 week ago

Great b;end of instructors and classes! I feel more aware of my body. I liked the slower pace of each of the classes, so that I was able to truly connect with my body and spirit and bring my form to a new level. Thanks so much for this challenge. I am sure I will be revisiting it often! And, thank you so much for all of your challenges. They offer so much!

jmitton 2 weeks ago

Really appreciated the sequencing of practices--lots of challenge with some respite in between vigorous classes. Hope to see more of these kinds of challenges in the future.