Push Your Limits 14-Day Advanced Yoga Challenge

14 days | 14 classes
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If you are looking to up your game, push the limits of your body or see what you're capable of, this is the perfect program for you. It starts tough and ends tough, with no breaks in between. Our fantastic instructors will push you to strengthen your body from top to bottom, stretch deeper than you ever have, work harder than you ever have and accomplish poses that you may only have dreamed of doing... until now.

Pre-Program Preparation

Although you may want to lead up to this program with a steady diet of intermediate classes (to avoid soreness or stiffness after each day's class), preparation is completely up to you, since you know your body best. The teachers featured in this program will provide plenty of inspiration and motivation to help you reach savasana, and we promise that the journey will be fun, challenging and joyful.

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redpeacock 11 months ago

Incredible how noticeable the growth in strength, balance, focus and flexibility is after just two weeks with these very gifted teachers. I'm so grateful and inspired. The final class felt magical.

Sue Tonin 1 year ago

Thank you, Tracey, Fiji, Christa, Rachel and of course David for this inspiring challenge. Your superb sequences will bring me back to this challenge again and again. And thank you for your deep generosity of spirit that sets DYWM apart :-)

meghan.kershner 1 year ago

This is a no joke Advanced Challenge. I'm going to have to take arest between week one and two; my body is tired. But, I love LOVE the progress I'm making with my strength and arm balance poses. I feel the power!!

LucyHB 3 years ago

Doing this for the second time to kick start my new year - those arm balances STILL continue to be my weak spot, I'm going to start this challenge from the beginning once I'm done, to see how I've progressed :-) Love all these classes, and it's great to have a focus for my daily practice

Tarnished Silve... 3 years ago

I surprised myself :) But was very glad that I'd looked at the contents and done both the forearm and headstand peak pose classes before this - I usually do intermediate sessions, and I think it helped me get a lot more out of it. It certainly gave me new ways to approach other poses which sometimes crop up (even in the intermediate classes) which I previously could not reach. Thanks for all you do on here!