Push Your Limits 14-Day Advanced Yoga Challenge

14 days | 14 classes
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If you are looking to up your game, push the limits of your body or see what you're capable of, this is the perfect program for you. It starts tough and ends tough, with no breaks in between. Our fantastic instructors will push you to strengthen your body from top to bottom, stretch deeper than you ever have, work harder than you ever have and accomplish poses that you may only have dreamed of doing... until now.

Pre-Program Preparation

Although you may want to lead up to this program with a steady diet of intermediate classes (to avoid soreness or stiffness after each day's class), preparation is completely up to you, since you know your body best. The teachers featured in this program will provide plenty of inspiration and motivation to help you reach savasana, and we promise that the journey will be fun, challenging and joyful.

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