Wheel Pose: Full Posture

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Duration & Commitment:
2 Day Peak Pose | 40-45 mins/day

Peak Pose: Wheel with Tracey Noseworthy

Intermediate I
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This 2-class series allows you time to prepare your body for wheel pose, which is a deep backbend, which you will do near the end of the second class.
40-45 mins/day


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What You'll Experience

Our peak pose challenges are meant to be flexible, allowing you to do each class when it suits you and feels right. For example, you can do classes back-to-back on the same day or leave two or three days in between. It's totally up to you. You won't be doing the peak pose until the final class.


Intermediate | 2 Classes

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Wheel pose (chakrasana), also called upward facing bow pose (urdva dhanurasana), is a pose that so many seek to accomplish as they progress in yoga. Its difficult nature is due to the demand that the pose places on the spine in the backbend, the shoulders in both strength and flexibility, and the core, which is needed to stabilize the lower back. Tracey takes two classes to prepare you, then move into the full pose near the end of class 2.



  • Class 1:

    Wheel Pose: Open the Heart
    43 min
    • Intermediate II
    • Tracey Noseworthy
  • Class 2:

    Wheel Pose: Full Posture
    40 min
    • Intermediate III
    • Tracey Noseworthy



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40-45 mins/day
2 Days