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3 Day Peak Pose | 25-60 mins/day

Peak Pose: Flying Pigeon with Tracey Noseworthy

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Learn how to do flying pigeon pose (eka pada galavasana) in these three yoga classes with the amazing Tracey Noseworthy.
25-60 mins/day


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What You'll Experience

Our peak pose challenges are meant to be flexible, allowing you to do each class when it suits you and feels right. For example, you can do classes back-to-back on the same day or leave two or three days in between. It's totally up to you. You won't be doing the peak pose until the final class.


Advanced | 3 Classes

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Flying pigeon pose (eka pada galavasana) is an arm balance that requires significant strength and flexibility, particularly arm strength and hip flexibility. Tracey's devotion to an intelligent, fun progression makes this peak pose challenge a joy to move through, particularly if you can access the peak on day 3!

Pre-Challenge Preparation

Tracey prepares you very well during these three classes. No other preparation is necessary.



  • Class 1:

    Flying Pigeon Pose: Preparation
    54 min
    • Intermediate III
    • Tracey Noseworthy
  • Class 2:

    Flying Pigeon Pose: Going Deeper
    48 min
    • Intermediate III
    • Tracey Noseworthy
  • Class 3:

    Flying Pigeon Pose: The Final Step
    28 min
    • Intermediate III
    • Tracey Noseworthy



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25-60 mins/day
3 Days
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