More Kids' and Family Yoga Classes Coming!


As we witness the indefinite closure of more and more schools around the world, the need for family activities that help everyone get through these difficult times becomes even more important. Increased social isolation can lead to more stress and anxiety.

DoYogaWithMe is doing our best to help. Along with offering 2 free months of access to our premium content, we have decided to devote a significant portion of our resources to creating more yoga classes for families and kids. We’re hoping that if we can help you stretch, exercise and stay calm while at home with your kids, we can get through this together!

Yoga can help both adults and kids relax, focus and feel less anxious. Doing these classes together at home could also be a great opportunity to start a regular, family wellness routine, encouraging family bonding, a positive mindset and greater well being. 


Our plan is to post one new yoga class for kids and/or families every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting on Monday, March 23rd, for the following four weeks. It’s ambitious, but we believe we can do it! Go here to see our current library of kids’ yoga classes, and check back as we update it with new ones:

View Kids Yoga Classes

We’re here to help, so please reach out with any requests or just to connect with another caring human. 

Take care,





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Helendartmouth 1 year ago

My son is only 2 but he loves doing 'yota' and gets his mat. He especially liked the 'yoga for toddlers full sequence' the animal noises really made him laugh.
Thank you for this at this difficult time.
I'm also competing your runners program which I am enjoying greatly.
Thank you and take care.

miller19 1 year ago

Thanks for the instructions, we try to attend such online events and try to do everything that is said in the online lesson with my children. They really enjoyed doing yoga and thought it was even a fun time for our family. I started doing yoga relatively recently, when I realized that I was depressed and the guys from the resource, only a couple of months and my sleep and general condition improved during the day. I’m thinking about starting a study of the history of yoga. Do you think it will be useful to learn the history of yoga? I started with Wikipedia: Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. (Https:// Initially, I thought that yoga was mainly for strengthening the body, but I read on some resource that yoga with meditation also strengthens the spirit.

KENT STOUT 1 year ago

i signed for Free for 2 mos, coronavirus offer, on April 3. i was not able to access any classes with + today. Site kept saying Not a subscriber, altho as you can see, I am signed up. I need Senior option. I did day 1-5 of Beginners, which was painful for me. Please I need this.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Just an update... so far we have posted four yoga for kids classes - two with me, two with Guy. We have four more classes with me coming, and will be filming more classes with Guy and Jonni-Lyn this week. Hope you're enjoying them so far!

kapkap 1 year ago

Dear David and the DYWM Team,
Thank you all from Berlin, where we are thoroughly enjoying your classes and your spirit, work and messages to us all. My children (10, 12) are now eager to learn yoga at home, as I have done classes nearly daily on DYWM for almost four years. I am so grateful to be a member and even more grateful for your collective and individual staff (teachers and those who write us back for tech issues or blog) words these days. I was going to start them on David‘s yoga for absolute beginner classes and then take it from there, as they are a bit too old for Alyssa Jean‘s classes. Some age suggestions would be welcome! Thanks again.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hello Anna in Berlin!
Nice to hear from you. I'm glad that you are enjoying what we have to offer.
I have 6 classes coming that I'm considering appropriate for 7-12 year olds. The first one is coming out on Friday. They may also be ready for some of my other classes, or classes with Rachel, Guy or Melissa.
Let me know how your search goes. I'm curious to hear what they like.