David and Fiji on Reddit


Fiji McAlpine and site founder, David Procyshyn, were on Reddit last week to answer questions from the /r/yoga community. There are a few audio clips in the mix as well. We'd like to extend our thanks to the yoga subreddit moderators for inviting us to participate. It was lots of fun!

If you're interested in checking it out, here's the link: Reddit Interview with David and Fiji.

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left hip
morver 2 years ago

I would almost call it a tic --- I tend to tighten and release the muscles in my left hip all the time. It does not bother me while doing the beginning yoga poses but it is persistent and I believe it always has been. I am 77 and just beginning yoga so am hoping that will help.

allergy relief
akurban 2 years ago

The best solution i found and recommend to many of my patients is the use of a Neti Pot. An ancient ayurvedic practice that has many followers.
You can go on youtube and watch the videos and can purchase the net pot practically anywhere; whole foods, pharmacies etc.
good luck

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

No, we have no recommendations, outside of trying your best to lessen your exposure to allergens.

my allergies are much improved
desert jj 2 years ago

Actually I rarely have them any longer. I had a neck injury and noticed that when my chiropractor does neck adjustments, my sinuses drain and slowing over the years I have felt better. I even notice a bit of drainage when I do the gentle yoga neck stretches here. I think it is not one thing but many small things in self care that has helped me to get over my allergies. Of course the fact that people can't just randomly smoke on me has been a big help!

Any recommendations for exercises that relieve allergies?
Knusperstange 3 years ago

Since I found this website I want to do yoga 12h a day :-)

Do you have any advice for people who suffer from allergies, hay fever and constant nasal constipation? Maybe something to do a course about...?

Many thanks for this fantastic collection of courses, I will recommend it to everybody I know!