7-Day Chakra Healing Series with Fiji McAlpine

Intermediate | 7 Days| 15-50 Min/Day
Own the whole 7-Day Chakra Healing Series with Fiji McAlpine video series:


This series explores the chakra system from root to crown over the course of 7 days. Each day you will be led through a practice that will help you connect with and restore balance to a specific chakra, ultimately helping the whole self once again harmonize as it should.

The chakra system is interconnected and interdependent, with the balance of each centre contributing the overall balance of the individual. Do the series as a 7-day practice or choose one chakra to work with when you feel the need to do so.

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Edenradovich 1 year ago

Wow. This is such an amazing series. I have been doing it every day with a friend for the past 3 days virtually and it is soooo so good. Especially during these turbulent times. Thank you so much Fiji. You are a yoga rockstar!!! Thank you for everything.

Charpot 1 year ago

So beautiful and restorative. Thank you for this.

jensangryinch 2 years ago

What an incredible series! Thank you, Fiji, for the beautiful gift of these courses. As always, your cues are so easy to follow and I learn something new from you every single class. This series in particular was incredibly moving as I found myself crying during some of the poses. I will return to this series again and again. Thank you, Fiji, and thank you Do Yoga With Me. I don't know where I'd be without you!