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Hello DYWM Community!

I’m excited to announce that Fiji McAlpine and I are each scheduled to teach at the upcoming L.A. Yoga Expo on January 19 and 20, 2024.

On Friday at 1 pm, I will be leading a 90-minute session called 'The Power of Yoga to Overcome Anxiety.' In this empowering workshop, I will guide participants through practices designed to harness the healing potential of yoga, providing tools to manage and overcome anxiety. My approach will be to seamlessly combine traditional yoga principles with contemporary mindfulness techniques, creating an enriching experience for practitioners of all levels.

Saturday at 2:40 pm brings the opportunity to practice with Fiji, who will lead a class titled 'Millimeter Miracles: Practice participating in your own Evolution.' Fiji's approach to yoga is both inspiring and transformative, encouraging participants to explore their personal evolution on and off the mat. Prepare to be guided through a dynamic and introspective session that unlocks the millimeter miracles within your practice, allowing you to actively engage in your own growth journey.

Fiji and I will also be available at the DoYogaWithMe booth, ready to answer your questions, share insights, and connect with the vibrant yoga community. 

For more information, check out the LA Yoga Expo Schedule, Presenters, Sponsors and Marketplace. And if you are interested in going, Register Here

We hope you can make it to the L.A. Yoga Expo on January 19 and 20 to experience the expo and the wisdom and guidance all of the many teachers have to offer. See you there!


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