Let go of anxiety: the first step, stop fighting it!


oakhazel 8 months ago

Thank you David for sharing your journey - I am amazed to actually find something on the internet that is so good and so helpful and genuine.

Re: Gratitude
David Procyshyn 8 months ago

My pleasure, Clare. I am happy that you are benefitting from it and appreciate the feedback.

My new hero!
Bexter401 9 months ago

I have been doing yoga on your site for over a year now & bumbling along trying to cope with my anxiety.I have suffered with it for many,many years now,leading to episodes of depression (some medicated,then counselling & CBT) but never had the tools to tackle it & overcome /deal with it.I started with doing your 21 day Yoga for Chronic Stress,Anxiety & Depression last month & have continued practising meditation (with your guided meditations) everyday & I am definitely seeing an improvement in my anxiety.
I sincerely hope that,with your help & guidance,that I am on the way to living life without the constant pain of anxiety in it & for the first time in decades,because of you, I think I will achieve that goal!
Thank you David for teaching me the tools I need to learn to live my life free from the crushing weight of anxiety.You are my new hero! Namaste.

Re: My new hero!
David Procyshyn 9 months ago

That's really sweet of you. Thank you.
I'm glad to hear that things are shifting for you. Remember that you don't necessarily need to feel relief to be making progress. Feeling whatever is there is the key, with fullness and acceptance.
Keep in touch. Our forum is a great place to dialogue.

v3r0nica 9 months ago

Thank you David - for your honesty . I have listened to your yoga nidra meditations for sleep and anxiety and they do help. My problem is that I’ve always been so tense and feel pain when I am around crowds - so that I have ruined my health.
I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that is increasingly painful and I don’t seem to be able to control my anxiety without medication (which I hate). Yoga, Pilates , spinning and walking supplemented with meditationused to help... but now I feel that my diseased brain has taken over and I don’t know how to be ok anymore— thank you for all you do. Doyogawithme has saved my sanity often

Re: Anxiety
David Procyshyn 9 months ago

Thank you for your honesty as well. It can be hard to share.
Do you feel like you can be in touch with how you are feeling when you are around crowds? Are you able to be mindful of how your body is reacting? Can you simply feel sensations in your body and stay with them, even while in conversation with someone?

alex alexis 10 months ago

You said we should accept our feelings, but how to do this when people around you have expectations. How to work if we live in times where every person should be smiling, be positive, open and outgoing.

Re: Hmmmm
David Procyshyn 10 months ago

That's a very important point, Alex. Many of us are completely overwhelmed by the expectations that others have of us.
One thing I would ask is why it matters so much that you meet these expectations, particularly if you don't resonate with them or if they are making you unhappy. Keep in mind that we humans are really good at creating expectations that aren't there and beating ourselves up when we don't meet them.
I for one do not feel like you should be smiling, being positive, open and outgoing all of the time. I realize there is a lot more to this than just saying 'Be yourself!', but truly, the best approach is to honor who you are, how you feel and what you need. Be depressed if you feel depressed - but really feel it! Don't push it away. Get to know it, in the same way you get to know things you love in your life.
You actually may find that it teaches you a lot. You learn things that you don't have the opportunity to learn when life is going well.

Thank you!
bethinpdx 10 months ago

Thank you, David, for sharing this program! And thank you for being so genuine and so clearly sharing your experience of anxiety. I have such a deep feeling of relief from this shared experience which you articulated so profoundly. I am committing to practicing with you every day through this program and I look forward to experiencing results over time.

Re: Thank you!
David Procyshyn 10 months ago

It's an honor to be able to share this, if it has the ability to help people. I'm really happy to hear that you're benefiting that you're committing yourself to practicing daily!

Thank you so much
Tanja Andrea 10 months ago

This meditation was very nice. For some reason my anxiety has been a lot stronger today than over the last couple of days, so I really needed this. Now, at the end of the recording, the greatest part of my anxiety is gone. The thought that it's okay to be feeling anxious and not fighting really help. The anxiety gets stronger at first but when it has reached its peak it slowly subsides. I am looking forward to the next recording. I think, I will also get back to the program on anxiety. I have already completed two thirds and it's really helping a lot. Thank you so much for all the support and the wonderful website. You're really making a difference for me.

Re: Anxiety and daily life
David Procyshyn 10 months ago

That's fantastic! And yes, the anxiety feels really, really strong when you open up to it, which is why it can be so hard to do. Feeling it fully can make it feel like it's getting worse. Then, as you said, it slowly subsides.

It's nice to hear that this is helping. I'm very happy for you. I'm also impressed that you have already done some of the full program on our site. This series leads to that program, so you're a step ahead of everyone already.

Take care,