Yoga Brings Positive Benefits to People with Diabetes

It's long been known that diabetes, even when properly treated, can lead to cognitive impairment, memory loss and even higher likelihood of Alzheimers.

Since diabetes is a growing North American (and developing countries) epidemic, the chances that it could soon be affecting you or someone close to you are increasing at a staggering rate

Encouragingly, though, scientists at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi, India recently discovered that yoga asanas combined with pranayamic breathing practices can have significant positive benefits on the cognitive functioning of people with diabetes. 

Unlike less reliable "psychological" studies, this one published in the May 2010 Indian Journal of Medical Research used a common neuroscientific method of assessing cognitive functions--measuring changes in the P300 wave. It might be reasonably assumed, then, that the study adds to the body of research suggesting the same benefits on cognitive function and memory can be enjoyed by anyone who practices yoga, not only people with diabetes.

--Rob Wipond

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