There's a Good Thing Going On at the Daily Downward Dog!

Discovering Daily Downward Dog

I wander the internet from time to time, curious about all the great yoga-related things that are happening. On the odd occasion I find something that really strikes my fancy... something that piques my interest enough to want to stay and have a look around.

That’s what happened when I found

Great Sense of Humor

The first thing that struck me about this yoga blog is the candid sense of humor that threads through every entry. It’s a style of writing that you will quickly learn to love. Maria, DDD’s blogger, is an up-and-coming yoga instructor who has a gift for expressing what the spirit of yoga is all about. She is smart, sensible, playful, wise and unpretentious. She has a warm, humble honesty in everything that she writes, as well as a natural ability to inspire.


Refreshing Sincerity

Maria’s blog includes honest accounts of her yoga experiences, such as the first yoga class she ever taught, her first experience with laughter yoga and thoughts around concepts such as chi, prana, om and relaxation. She uses great analogies, popular music and common spiritual icons to effectively illustrate her points.

A Dose of Philosophy

She dives into yoga philosophy, such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with the curiosity of a child, then discusses an article on the healing effects of hugs. All while encouraging self exploration, honest communication and light heartedness.

A Ton of Personality

Speaking of hugs... she happily shared that her husband is a great hugger! Wonderful pieces like this from her personal life pepper each article, giving them a warm, personal touch. The poster her ‘awesome niece’ made to advertise the first class that she taught had one word crossed out and finished with ‘Be prepared to be stress free!’

Check it Out!

There are tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of yoga blogs out there. This one is definitely on the top of my list. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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