Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back

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This class is slow, gentle and offers a deep opening for the muscles around the hips, lower back and legs. Its pace alone allows you to sink into a beautiful state of calm. Add the beautiful sounds of Craig Paterson, master musician, and you will be lulled into a deep, lovely, relaxed state.

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What a cure for my tight hips and thighs from mountain biking. Thank you.

I work long days standing, walking, lifting things, and this video combined with the "Yoga for the Upper Back"-video made me feel like a new person! Love this site, love these videos, love yoga! <3

I love the relief I feel in my lower back after this class. A gentle class with great results.

I was meant to find this class tonight, after studying hard all day and feeling so overwhelmed, much of that has melted away after trying out this class.
thank you so muchxx

Yummy restorative class! Bookmarked and will do again and again! :)

This is one of my most frequented yoga classes on the site. As an aside, one of my favorite things is that it's entirely seated - with 3 small children and 2 dogs trying to do yoga at home is very difficult, but being able to stay seated makes it a lot easier!!! Even when I'm able to practice without the distractions, this routine gives me a great stretch. I have very short hamstrings and a lot of tightness and "un-evenness" in my hips, and it helps a lot.

Using this and a few other classes available on the site has been more beneficial overall than intense chiropractic. I'm very impressed with the variety available and quality of both instruction and production of the classes on the site. Thanks so much for everything.

My lower back-upper glutes on the right side often get cramped and painful. I tried this after two weeks of aches and it worked like a miracle. I also got that "yoga class headspace", surprisingly intense as I had never got that "buzz" practicing at home. A fantastic video!

This class is amazing. I dislocated my hip and injured my ql 4 years ago and this class targets all the necessary tight spots. I do it every second day to keep feeling amazing and loose.
Love the flow of moves in this class. Thank you

I've just done this sequence for the first time and I love the gentle pace that allowed me to settle into the stretches. I don't think I've ever felt my lower back quite so comfortable in shavasana. Thank you - I can now go through my Sunday feeling light and strong.

I often only get half way through this practice, as I can feel the journey into releasing so much tension and emotion. I need to often simply "be" in some of the stretches for a longer period of time. David is so gentle in easing into these stretches and poses, that I can really open up, physically and emotionally.

Thank you, David, for this class. It is amazing.

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