Free Guided Meditations, Visualizations and Relaxations

Guided Progressive Relaxation Program with David Procyshyn
Tracks: 21
This 21-day course uses three different techniques to help you relax your entire being on a deep level, each 7 days long. The first uses tense and relax to introduce the mind to the sensation of true...
Teacher: David Procyshyn
Duration: 22mins
Tracks: 1
Jennifer Piercy takes you through a beautifully designed Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation. Her deeply calming voice penetrates into your very soul, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you...
Teacher: Jennifer Piercy
Guided Metta Meditations with Peter Renner
Tracks: 4
Join Peter in this 4-track series on cultivating loving kindness for 1)Yourself, 2)Someone You Love, 3)An Acquaintance and 4)Someone You Dislike. These guided meditations are deeply fulfilling and...
Teacher: Peter Renner
Guided mindfulness meditations with Peter Renner
Tracks: 5
Peter's soothing voice and gentle, encouraging style make this 5-track series on mindfulness meditation a pure joy. You will love his light-heartedness as well as his effective and delicate...
Teacher: Peter Renner
Metta loving kindness guided audio meditation
Duration: 20mins
Peter guides you through the first metta, or loving kindness, meditation. This one focuses on feeling love for yourself. Peter's soft voice and gentle guidance make this guided meditation a joy...
Teacher: Peter Renner
Duration: 19mins
The second metta meditation is practicing loving kindness for someone you care about. Peter's gentle guidance helps you cultivate love, empathy and compassion by repeating the feeling within...
Metta Loving Kindness Mediation with Peter Renner
Duration: 22mins
After practicing metta for yourself and for someone you love, the next step is experiencing loving kindness for someone you know but are not close to. The practice of metta is deeply fulfilling and...
Duration: 24mins
This can be the most challenging aspect of metta practice, sending compassion to someone you do not like or have had a falling-out with. Peter has such a soft touch that he makes this experience feel...
Duration: 23mins
Peter's soothing voice and gentle, encouraging style make this introduction to sitting a pure joy. You will love his light-heartedness as well as his effective and delicate guidance.
Duration: 24mins
Peter devotes this meditation to those who find it uncomfortable to sit on the floor. It's a wonderful introduction to sitting in a chair, and allows practitioners to take his gentle cues and...
Duration: 21mins
The body and the breath are very strong aspects of meditation. You are guided through a simple way to maintain awareness on your breath and body, without judgment or wanting anything to be different...
Duration: 15mins
Peter introduces breath awareness in this guided mindfulness meditation. With his warmhearted approach, he teaches you ways to keep your attention with the breath, with the purpose of becoming...


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