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As she did in her popular Twist and Stretch class, Melissa guides you gently through a series of lovely, effective poses, focusing on bending but covering the entire body in an calm, attentive way. Always aware of alignment, Melissa's classes are absolutely perfect for the beginners, gentle yoga lovers, inflexible athletes and 55+, among others.

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This was my first DoYogaWithMe class--my husband and I did it together and we loved it. Easy poses for beginners that still allow more advanced students to go deeper into the stretches. Melissa is great at coaching students through the breathwork and movements. Great class!

This was my first time trying an online yoga class. I'm so glad I chose this video. Melissa's voice is soothing and gentle, and poses were sequenced beautifully. I'll be using this often. Thank you!!

Every aspect of this class is fabulous. Each move seem to follow the last one perfectly. This class is a great way to begin the day, especially since I didn't get too much sleep last night. I feel so light and airy. Thank you.

Great for the mornings =) to gently wake the body up.

Fabulous gentle stretch. If you are looking to stretch your shoulders and neck try a different practice but if you want a generalized stretch with which to start your morning you found it!

Perfect after a week of sitting still at my desk job. Gentle yet effective and extremely relaxing.

I squeezed a little time in to do these stretches while my kids ate breakfast and found that I was much more calm and relaxed. I am going to make this a part of my daily routine.

I hate stretching after an intense workout and I thought I'd give this video a shot. I'm so glad I did. I feel relaxed and my muscles don't feel as tense as they usually do after a workout. Thanks for this video. I loved it!

Perfect class to recover from a very stressful weekend

I am just getting back into my yoga practice after a few month Hiatus! This course is exactly what I needed and perfect for my current level. Thank you!


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