Bend and Stretch

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As she did in her popular Twist and Stretch class, Melissa guides you gently through a series of lovely, effective poses, focusing on bending but covering the entire body in an calm, attentive way. Always aware of alignment, Melissa's classes are absolutely perfect for the beginners, gentle yoga lovers, inflexible athletes and 55+, among others.

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Gracias y buen día! Thank you and have a good day!

Excellent video!

I'm getting back into yoga again after about a year and a half and Melissa is great! Great calming voice and great yoga stretches. I have always had tight hamstrings and this is great for those too! Will definitely continue to do this video as well as others of hers!


Melissa`s soft voice and soothing method really works wonders. Thank you so much!

Great blend

This was a great blend of gentle and stretch. Loved it.


As one already said, it loosens me up prior to bed time. Just what I need some times. Thank you!

Fantastic morning routine

This bend & stretch really helps with early morning aches and tightness. Even if I don't do the whole routine, her soothing tone and helpful stretches assist in energizing me without wearing me out. Thanks!

Easy does it

I love this practice. It's perfect to get back in the groove when I'm out of practice or feel under the weather. It's soft and easy and feels so warm and good.

Thank you!

Wonderful class, absolutely

Wonderful class, absolutely perfect! Thank you Melissa, you're a great teacher, I love very much all your classes! (by the way, if you can, give us some other videos! :-) ).

This is my favorite

Thank you for this video. It gives me the serenity I need before the stress of work each day. Beautiful location, too!


I luv this vid, pretty much the only yoga I do. Melissa is the BEST instructor!