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As she did in her popular Twist and Stretch class, Melissa guides you gently through a series of lovely, effective poses, focusing on bending but covering the entire body in an calm, attentive way. Always aware of alignment, Melissa's classes are absolutely perfect for the beginners, gentle yoga lovers, inflexible athletes and 55+, among others.

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This is an excellent video for someone like me who is as flexible as plywood. Very relaxing, gentle pace, excellent suggestions for modifications, perfect length of time. Thank you.

Awesome morning routine for my RA and morning stiffness. Helped relax and stretch me out enough for me to push back my meds a few more hours. Maybe with more practice, I'll be off these nasty pills.

Thank you so much for this video. I have lower back issues as well as joint issues and this stretch and bend video help me a lot ease out some pain that I experience in the morning. This will be my morning routine.

Thank you Melissa for a very calming and nurturing class.

Thank you . This has really helped my lower back and given me energy throughout the day.

This is the first session from this site I have practiced, and I absolutely loved it!! It was very centering and lead me into a deep meditative state that I have only reached twice prior. Thank you for the lovely instruction!

Before starting this session I was able to touch my toes with the tips of my fingers — straight legged. After this session I was able to flat-hand the floor — straight legged. That's a tangible, measurable difference — Yes!

I really liked this session. It really helped me loosen out my back, which is usually really stiff. Thank you :D

This was a nice way to ease my body into stretches on a day when I'm not up for a full force workout or more intense yoga session.

I recommend this video for evening wind-down (as I just did), but it might also be a nice way to gently wake your muscles and stretch in the morning.

Wonderful narration- I felt very peaceful & at ease thanks to her voice & style.

Es una clase muy bella y relajante. Os doy las gracias por compartir todo vuestro trabajo, realmente soy más feliz desde que practico yoga y respiración con vuestras clases. Esta en particular ha ganado mucho con la música que le habéis incluido. Namaste

English translation: It is a very beautiful and relaxing class. I thank you for sharing all your work, I really am happier since I practice yoga and breathing with your classes. This in particular has gained much from the music you have included. Namaste


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