Beautifully Bound

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Explore arm binds with Fiji in this beautiful flow class, in which each section builds upon the one before it, leading to deeper openings in the body and a more comprehensive, full body release.

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My shoulders feel free-er now, this class works more than shoulders alone - legs, hips, core, everything. thank you so much!

This class was wonderful, but it is far outside my ability range enough that I think I think I shall wait to do it again until I'm better at keeping up with Fiji's intermediate classes. :) I've wanted to do this class for a long time, and have been doing the Intermediate to Advanced yoga program for the last several weeks, so I finally did it! This definitely exposed some places for me to improve, starting with mental calm and focus in difficult asanas.
My mental calm now that I can just sit is amazing, though. That's the beauty of intensely challenging yoga practice. :)

This video is truly terrific. well-paced, interesting and challenging poses, felt so liberating.
Thank you!

Even though the theme is arm binds, this class works the legs and hips a lot. My glutes were pretty sore the following day, so next time I'm going to pause to do some glutes stretches while they're still warm before Savasana. Overall, great class!

Another great class from Fiji. A few days ago I pulled my rhomboid muscle on the right side. It was mostly recovered from shoulder releases and restorative yoga however, this routine finished the job nicely as well as loosening the traps and deltiods... a huge tension place for me. I will most definitely be doing this class again! Now where is that donation link...

I am an experienced yoga teacher so the class was rather gently to me. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to discover some new original variations and sequences, which I will definitely try out in my classes and sadhana!

Teachers like her make me remember how beautiful a practice yoga is, that never gets corny and evolves without limits.

I'm completely in love with this class! Challenging in a good way, working the whole body and perfect for my really tense shoulders. It's such a lovely feeling when you float the arms out after the bind. And Fiji's instructions are just excellent, keeping you in place without having to look at the screen. Thank you so much!

Awesome class, thanks! :-D

Love this class! And I love how Fiji's classes can focus on opening up a certain area but still work the entire body.

loved this class. found it challenging, in a good way! really feel deeply relaxed in my shoulders now. I really like your voice and how you instruct! some teachers annoy me by sounding super cheesy, all "feeeeeeeeel the flow"... but I really appreciated your straight-foward instruction. thanks so much for this video! namaste x


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