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Dedicated runners are constantly trying to find better ways to take care of their bodies to prevent injuries. Too many runners suffer from bad backs and knees, often forcing them to abandon running altogether. This yoga class for runners directly addresses the common physical complications that arise, keeping you injury-free and running for many years to come.

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First yoga session I ever did and first ever on this site. Really good and simple and easy to follow along. I surprisingly feel better than I thought I would - was sort of anti-yoga before. Excited for the next video I try.

Thank you Fiji for such a wonderful class. I feel stretched and relaxed.

Absolutely love this. I can see why some people feel the moves were a little advanced, but that leaves me with plenty of room to progress. Not too difficult but completely worth it! I needed this to help counter act the repetitive-ness of my longer distance runs. This really allows me to slow down, focus on my breath, and non-judgmentally stretch my extremely tight hamstrings/legs. Thank you!!!!

I agree with previous comenters; the positions themselves aren't particularly hard but the pace was a lot faster than what I'm used to. Maybe simply changing the description to warn of this, while still keeping the video in the "beginner" category, would be helpful.

Man, that was tough going for beginner level. I'm not very flexible but sheeeeesh.

High quality, though.

I am real new to yoga, I've only done it for a few weeks. I found this to be really challenging for me and maybe not good for newbies. I really enjoyed the instruction and I know that the movement will be beneficial. I'm also new to running, so I look forward to being able to complete the whole video.

I am a runner, but a beginner with yoga. I did this class the evening before my long-run (8 miles), and it made me feel invincible during my run. Great stretch for the hips, back, and legs, while building the strength I need to push myself during my long run. I'll be doing this every week now before my long runs!

I am a beginner when it comes to yoga AND running. Tried this video last night and I will definitely do it again! I didn't realize how tight my hips were, but these poses really helped to open me up :)

Easy Flow and very simple movement. Felt great in my hips after a week of long miles!

It looks like a great class so I wanted to try it out. But as an actual yoga beginner, I found this way too advanced for me.

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