Burnout to Bliss

Hatha Yoga
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This gentle beginner yoga class is great for those starting out. Relaxing and just challenging enough for a novice, Nicky makes it easy to follow. Nicky is known as our 'giggling yogi'... you'll see what we mean when you take the class.

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This was not a physically challenging class. Nicky had lots of suggestions for making the few active poses easier. Although I usually prefer a more athletic yoga practice, this was the perfect class to ease my body into movement again after a couple of days sick in bed!

This was a lovely class, with slow movements and great deep stretches...perfect way to start the morning. I have very tight hips, so one thing that I would have liked to see is a modification (for pose at 53:20) or more detailed verbal cues for people who aren't able to do the fullest extent of the pose. Thank you, Nicky, for a great class.

You are so welcome!

Such a nice mixed of relaxation, deep poses and Nicky's lovely commentary. Thank you!

I really like the instructor... But after a too much time on the knees, in downward dog and then planks and then sun salutations... It was too much. I would rate intermediate.

I really enjoyed the overall gentle feel of the practice! Perfect balance of restorative and active poses. Great Job :)

I am a complete beginner to yoga and I think this video is the best introduction to yoga. Extremely relaxing and it will be moderately difficult if you are not very flexible or used to the basic poses. It got easier the second and the third time and even more relaxing. The second time I could feel myself getting more flexible and comfortable. I will keep doing this one a few more times and then I think I'll be ready to move up in difficulty a bit.

If you are complete beginner, like me, start here!

Oh, and she is lovely.

This class is exactly what I needed: long pauses in downward-facing dog to help myself to feel more comfortable in that position. Thank you for this both relaxing and challenging class, Nicky!

Hello! I love this class-
I did it for the first time today. (my first doyogawithme class)
I'm still recovering from a respiratory virus that had me in bed
for four weeks, and I fell yesterday!
So this really helped balance me out.
I think I'll keep doing it until I get my strength and lung capacity back!

Thank you so much Nicky.
Salt Spring Island, BC

Nicky! You are my favorite teacher on doyogawithme.com. 6 months ago, 'Burnout to Bliss' was quite a challenge for me, but now it's no big deal! I was wondering if you would consider doing an 'intermediate' class. I think I'm ready for that level, but haven't found a class or a teacher that I like as much as you. Either way, thanks for doing these videos and for being a great teacher!


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