Burnout to Bliss

Hatha Yoga
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This gentle beginner yoga class is great for those starting out. Relaxing and just challenging enough for a novice, Nicky makes it easy to follow. Nicky is known as our 'giggling yogi'... you'll see what we mean when you take the class.

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I've done yoga before but not for a long time
This challenged me to let go and relax a lot more than I rarely ever do.
I've also noticed that some of the poses I'd lost a lot of flexibility on, however; I really enjoy how Nikky says "Allow" a lot. I allowed myself to push myself without getting hurt and to be ok with the loss of my range, but understanding that I will some day regain it.

Thank you!

This is my second video with Nicky and it was just as great as the first. I really enjoy her classes! Thanks so much :)

More from giggling Nicky, please!
Thank you.
Peace and Love. :-)

I've started getting back into yoga, and used this video as my return video. The first time I tried it, I was bored by the first fifteen minutes. However, I gave the video a second chance and was very pleased. (Though I did skip through about five minutes of the beginning). The bulk of the video and poses are just challenging enough to keep the viewer engaged. It wasnt too easy, it wasn't too challenging. It was just perfect for me.


I came to this class after a week of steady hot yoga practice...This class is a great way to restore energy; for me, the class was a way to remember that effort isn't always what produces good fruit. Thank you for this offering!

This was my first ever experience with yoga and I couldn't be happier. I decided to try yoga to release some stress and depression and to find a new way to be healthy and exercise. I must say that Nicky was amazing.

I wasn't sure how easy it would be to relax after a few years of built up stress. You made it completely natural and wonderful. My body felt like it was melting into the ground and finally waking up at the same time.

Thank you for giving me such a great entry into yoga! I am definitely going to be practicing more often.


I greatly appreciate Nicky for her passion at her craft. She had a sweet slow cadence to her voice, and was easy to understand. The giggling I thought would be a hindrance to my meditation but surprisingly I found it to be refreshing. I found myself feeling lightness in my body during Savasana. As each breathe was released from my body, I truly felt my senses come alive, I felt a great tingling sensation all over. All negative thoughts were freed from my body. I loved the body twisted to the side position, I felt my lower vertebrate pop, which gave me a euphoric feeling.

I do however have to say, I need to work on my core. I kept having to come out of plank pose to give myself a break as well as the Anjaneyasana pose. It was hard to keep my back leg lifted off the ground for to long, as I kept my arms up in the air. I'am completely smitten with this yogi, and have plans to practice more of her videos, when I have spare time.

I'd like to Thank my teacher Heather Wurtzel who teaches Hatha style yoga at Georgia Perimeter College; Clarkston, GA; for showing me a new style of exercise, that worked to bring out my inner tranquility and most importantly Nicky Jones aka "giggling yogi" for helping me reach a higher plain of relaxation & meditation. Hope I get to one day travel to Canada to visit, and also take part in one of your classes.

Aliwha Stevens
(beginner yoga enthusiast)

-Namaste :)

Lovely class. Good to help calm a busy mind, with just enough physical challenge to work the body too. Lovely long relaxations at start and at end. Thank you.

I like the videos from Miss Jones and she is really a nice teacher! After this yoga session I feel so nice! Thank you Nicky!

This video was great. I wasn't feeling well today, but decided I needed to do something aside from lay in bed. I've really been wanting to explore yoga, and this class seems great for just starting out.

I skipped over about 5+ minutes of the first portion, as I found it to be a bit long. But I will definitely be doing this class again.


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